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Posted by kamtec1 , 09 August 2016 · 641 views



From: block skype from GPO?HOW TO DO IT?

Posted by kamtec1 , 02 September 2011 · 195 views

Hi .

Did some post and ways to block it (skype) :)
But still not complete one :( .. trying the best :)
1) Block IP Addresses to Skype Authentication Servers
Block & This won't affect people who have already signed up and saved their Skype credentials on their PC. It only works for n...


From: How to make log file for files being copied to USB stick

Posted by kamtec1 , 12 March 2011 · 169 views

Hi arun_cdm .

Yes :))) monitoring the files is the best thing to control them .

I am using that soft to "control" them : USB Detect .


It will help protect your files on your computer and network.

It does this by monitoring all USB drive activity.

When someone plugs any type of USB drive into the computer, the s...


From: Learning DNS for Enterprise

Posted by kamtec1 , 26 February 2011 · 202 views

Hi Real McCoy .


I can tell you couple of things and a little fats about DNS :)))

There are two types of DNS queries, recursive and iterative.
When a DNS resolver issues a recursive query to a name server, the server attempts to resolve the name completely with full answers (or an error) by following the naming hierarchy all the way...


From: Password changing in Win7

Posted by kamtec1 , 21 January 2011 · 176 views

Hi .

For me that drastic change is quiet well :) .

Yes in Windows 7 it changed drastically and i can explain :

Since Windows NT 3.x, when your user password is 14 days from expiration, you receive a Password Change Notification when logging on requesting you to change your password.
This has been the default behavior up to now.
Windows 7 password...


From: File Server on Windows 2008 Server

Posted by kamtec1 , 09 October 2010 · 167 views

Hi Muhammad Muzammil .

Like Kazim Musavi saying you need to configure permissions .

You need to configure to that user (users) permissions throw GPO so the users can access only to theres folder and no more.

You need to configure GPO that users cant access to others folders in other users folders .

You need to give permissions only to the folder t...


From: Outlook Disconnecting Frequently

Posted by kamtec1 , 09 October 2010 · 98 views

Hi winadmin .

This problem may occur if a MAPI client opens more than the default value of the server objects.

This error is common and may have many fixes to it .

There is three common ways to fix it :

1) Windows 2003 SP2 introduced a feature called scalable networking. Disabling it immediately fixed the problem of Outlook clients using too many...


From: Is ther to find out who did (Delete records)what via an ip address or a network address? (no aoudit)

Posted by kamtec1 , 09 October 2010 · 75 views

Hi James Lawrence .

Like Mip104 saying that before the damage\disaster\deletion you need to turn on the audit logs to all as especially to who use very important data .

If the records (Data) missing its a low (very low) chance to track and see who did it and when .

You can check Event Viewer on the server maybe some tracks are left but its...


From: How to forward incoming & outgoing mail in MS Outlook

Posted by kamtec1 , 08 October 2010 · 82 views

Hi arun_cdm .

The only thing that could help you like Kazim Musavi saying is to create a rule .

The thing is that the rule you need to do that localy on a pc .

If you are using Exchange server the thing is way better to do to many users , but if you have no so many users its only a meter of time to do that or the meter of user that can disable it ....


From: How to block websites using ADS Groups/OU

Posted by kamtec1 , 01 October 2010 · 181 views

Hi arun_cdm .

Ok .
Question, do you use firewall like ISA etc ..
Block some web sites via GPO can be done ... but the nice way is throw firewall )
You can do it by HOST file or GPO too or DNS) )
For the blocking of file uploads especially through like bit torrents or via IM you have your wo...


From: How to tell if a site is secure.

Posted by kamtec1 , 20 August 2010 · 185 views

How to tell if a site is secure ?

Lets start with some basics things Like:

1)Encryption: What Is It?
What Is It?

Encryption is the process of scrambling a message so that only the intended audience has access to the information. As more people share confidential data and applications using the Internet, they have come to rely on commercially avai...

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