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Posted by Darby Weaver , 03 September 2016 · 543 views

Date September 2nd, 2016 
CCIE Routing and Switching - Logs. 
The Outline is as follows:
1. The Cisco Expert Level Labs - in no particular order at this point - the first run will be to complete as many tasks per lab as is possible in the time allotted and then spend additional time to remediate.  The goal of this exercise being to actually complete every task in the shortest time possible.  It can take a while to complete 25 full Configuration Labs and 15 Troubleshooting Labs.  Depending on my results and learning level with speed and efficiency improvement I may opt to repeat these labs one or more times. 
2. Practice Exams - I use a variety of Cisco Press Books, Exam Cram, Boson, and many other test engines.  I'll be taking these periodically.  Some of my favorite vendors created question banks for what was called Open Ended Questions and those are awesome too.  Configureterminal.com created some excellent learning aids for CCNA to CCIE in multiple tracks and per technology.  Cisco has the binary game and Chris Bryant offs a ton of questions - so many more.  You'll notice that I have a flare for trivia - so you'll see me deviate from time to time to master one or more of these - and if you notice I do this to the point of exhaustion and 100% clarity - then you can see why and how I am able to come and go into test centers, complete my exams, and be on my way faster than Clark Kent in a telephone booth... 
3. Study Groups - I do these from time to time as a diversion and also as a means of helping others and forming networks and lasting friendships with other like minded professionals and I've always found the relationships to be long lasting and mutually beneficial. 
4. Vendors Labs, Videos, and Classes - Results may vary.  I've found there are quite a few awesome trainers and companies out there in my experience and as I complete these labs mentioned above - I'll demonstrate exactly what I've learned from them all, each and every one, along the way. 
5. Questions and Answers - I've always taken the time to answer questions and answers as they come my way.  I'll continue to do so.
It's time to turn the lights on here at Sadikhov.com - The Best Learning Network on the Planet. 
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