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WAN-LABS Finished

Salve ragazzi Sadhikover's!! smile.gif

After a gruelling 8 hours Ive finished the remainder of my Frame-Relay labs with a MASSIVE thanks to THEAD from
the forum! as i fell at the early stage of getting the frame Switch up and runnng, without which there was going to be no

so heres what was setup:

4 routers:

R1 = C1720 + 1x wic1t
R2 = C1720 + 1x wic1t
R3 = C2610 + 1x wic1t

FR-Switch = C2600 + 2x wic1t (not used) & 1x Serial 8A/S Interface <-- (this INT was pulled out of the 3600 router I have)

3 x DCE-DTE db60-db60 loopback cables

The following was looked into:

* HDLC versus PPP - looked at benfits / weaknesses etc

* PAP and CHAP looked at benfits / weaknesses etc & also setup pap & chap and also pap chap with ppp

* Frame Relay Configurations & DLCIs, Frame Maps, and Inverse ARP - setup break and fix with both inverse arp on and then off with no frame inverse-arp command, also looked
at how routing is affected by non broadcast feature of inverse arp using basic rip and how to fix this with switching off inverse arp

* Frame Sub-Interfaces - config of sub interfaces for point to point and multipoint FR circuits, see how you cant use the frame map command instead use
frame ip dlci

* Split Horizon & routing over frame relay - again looking at rip v2 and how turning off split horizon and leavign it on and what its implications are

* Frame Relay LMI Show, Debug, and Lab - debug frame lmi & then change lmi from cisco to ansi and see what happens.

* FECN, BECN, DE bits - show frame pvc commands - i think i could have possibly simulated a fecn & becn increment on the show frame pvc output by
setting the bandwidth on the line to like 64k and then sending through some massive pings with extended options from both ends to overload the traffic ..
am i right in thining this or am i just making this up as i go along?? wub.gif

all in all a very productive session i just hope i maintain all of it and dont mess up in the icnd2 exam!! ohmy.gif

Next will be ACL's & NAT. biggrin.gif

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