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6 weeks & no study...

Hi People,

its been just over 6 weeks since i last made any entry to this blog, and worser than that
the same amount of time has been spent out of study too! sad.gif

There's been alot going on mostly work related crap but also some external factors. sad.gif
to make matters worse this whole week has been spent Ill at home, off with the MAN-flu
no dont worry its not swine flu, just a chest infection & Man-Flu. ph34r.gif

I will start studying again in the next 10 mins, and just do questions to see what i have retained wacko.gif
and work out a game plan from there.

more updates to follow... sleep.gif

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Be Quick Or Be Dead!
Aug 04 2009 10:15 AM
There is no word in the dictionary called "Worser". I hope the situation doesn't get any worse than this. :) :P
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Hi be quick or be dead (fellow iron maiden fan?) :)

it got worse i did a few days fo study then again have been pulled
away by external factors & more work related crap, the last 48 hours ive been trying to
salvage what i can remember and start from the begining but i seem to have lost
interest in what im doing :angry:

im guessing its going to take a week to get back on the studying plan.

we shall see.
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still picking up the peices... more updates to follow, hopefully positive
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