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Lets get ready to rumble!

Just got back from an 2 hour drive to Beverwijk (close to the black market) to pick up the last of my Voicesetup: 4 7940's So in total I have now 8 of them, only 3 have adapters. I don't mind as I am going to attach all of them to one of my 3560's who happens to have PoE. I'm tired, wanted to write a long list of things I did and what I'm about to do. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow. What I do know is that IPEXP rules... so I'm going with their workbook. Did the first 2 labs already on a rack rental, but I need to get in some major hours in order to excel. I will let you know when I'm back in the saddle.... I think that will be in about 11 hours.....   G.