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    Your questions are helpful, I passed, thank you so much
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    hi zurawdom you can try with the book : http://wowebookpro.com/book/advanced-web-metrics-with-google-analytics-2nd-edition http://wowebookpro.com/book/google-adsense-for-dummies http://wowebookpro.com/book/google-advertising-tools-2nd-edition
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    1.For Class C address Subnetting (192-223 as first octet in IP address) only i.e 255.255.255.? Maximum Bits that can be borrowed is 7 (you cannot borrow all It will be a host) FORMULA N=no of bits borrowed Prefix=32-N Subnet=256-2^N Boundaries of Subnets=256-Subnet e.g N=2 Most cases its WAN Prefix=32-2=30 (or/30) Subnet=256-2^2=256-4=252 ( Boundaries of Subnets=256-252=4 (ie. 0-3,4-7,8-11 etc) -Remember The 3,7,11 always come as odd numbers You can check with any class C address I will be posting soon for Class A and Class B With Regards Source: Tip To Remember Subnetting For Cisco Exam