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  1. delgadoii

    Comtia Bridge Exams Info

    with more and more technology changing by the minute.. it is getting hard for some people to get certified... that is why many of us cannot afford to fail and usually resort to doing the "FAST-TRAK" way using dumps of many sorts... Technology is always changing and allot of people are making profit out of this... "P4S" "Comptia" "Microsoft"... just to name afew!!!.. but as we all know in some jobs you either update and get your certificate Faster than you can say Cert or you are FIRED!!!... I will come to us needing a bank loan in order to take our exams! Good luck to all of those who are studying and struggling to get ahead in life!... best to you all.
  2. delgadoii

    Official response to the recent changes

    hey guys... In my case ... either I got my certifications FAST! or I was fired...!!!... simple as that.. and there is tons of cases like that!!!... this is where the dumps come in handy... I have the experience but all I need is a PIECE OF PAPER for proof of my knowledge!!!... Dumps have their pros and cons... when you know what you are doing it's good to have them... but when it comes to getting real hands on exposure.. it's best to study the hands on and then worrya bout camming with dumps!... cheers every1
  3. A Little update on what the new comptia Network+ and Security+ has to offer and how to upgrade. CompTIA Network+ Bridge Exam It is CompTIA's policy that our certifications are good for life. For IT professionals who are encouraged or required by their employers to remain current on their certifications, CompTIA has the following options. Individuals who are certified under the most recent exam — with 2005 exam objectives — may choose to become certified under the CompTIA Network+ 2008 exam objectives in one of two ways: Take the new CompTIA Network+ exam, with exam code N10-004. Take the CompTIA Network+ bridge exam (BR0-002), which measures only the differences between the 2005 exam objectives and the 2008 exam objectives. Only professionals who are currently CompTIA Network+ certified under the 2005 exam objectives are eligible to become certified under the 2008 exam objectives by taking the CompTIA Network+ bridge exam. CompTIA Network+ Bridge Exam Overview Number of Exam Parts One Number of Questions 50 Exam Format Conventional, linear format Exam Duration 90 minutes (60 minutes for exam; 30 minutes allowed for candidate non-disclosure review and post-exam survey) Required Experience CompTIA Network+ certified under the 2005 exam objectives Minimum Passing Score 500 on a scale of 100-900 Current English Exam Code BR0-002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CompTIA Security+ Bridge Exam Information It is CompTIA's policy that our certifications are good for life. For IT professionals who are encouraged or required by their employers to remain current on their certifications, CompTIA has the following options for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals who have previously attained their CompTIA Security+ certification. Those individuals may choose to become certified under the CompTIA Security+ 2008 exam objectives in one of two ways: Take the new exam, CompTIA Security+ 2008 Edition (SY0-201) Take the CompTIA Security+ bridge exam (BR0-001), which measures only the differences between the 2002 exam objectives and the 2008 exam objectives. Only professionals who are currently CompTIA Security+ certified are eligible to become certified by taking the CompTIA Security+ bridge exam. Exam Code Exam Availability Audience SY0-201 CompTIA Security+ 2008 Edition Oct. 14, 2008 All security professionals BR0-001 CompTIA Security+ Bridge Exam Oct. 21, 2008 Only CompTIA Security+ certified professionals SY0-101 CompTIA Security+ 2007 Edition Retires Jul. 31, 2009 All security professionals To find a testing center near you, or to register for any of these exams, go to http://certification.comptia.org/registration. CompTIA Security+ Bridge Exam Overview Number of Exam Parts One Number of Questions 50 Exam Format Conventional, linear format Exam Duration 90 minutes (60 minutes for exam; 30 minutes allowed for candidate non-disclosure review and post-exam survey) Required Experience CompTIA Security+ certified under the 2002 exam objectives Minimum Passing Score 560 on a scale of 100-900 Languages Available English Current English Exam Code BR0-001 Source Network+: h++p://certification.comptia.org/network/bridgeexam.aspx Source Security+: h++p://certification.comptia.org/security/bridgeexam.aspx Good Luck on the testing!
  4. delgadoii

    Researcher Shows How to Hack SSL

    wow... interesting post... thanks very much for the info... gr8 readin... cheers...
  5. delgadoii

    Copy-cat Olympics 2007

    Since the DOS/UNIX days most companies have been competing in different ways - some are quieter about their competition, while others will take advantage of every opportunity to bring the other side down. Apple is notorious for being up close and personal with Microsoft during their conference and keynote presentations, and while it's always amusing, sometimes they go a little too far. This year, banners were hung in the conference center that said things like, "Hasta la vista, Vista." I give them big points for getting this message across in a clever way, but that's not all they did. During the keynote, they presented comparison screenshots of interface elements and software from Tiger and Vista side by side. The results were eerily similar, and if I was from Microsoft, I would have been squirming in my seat right at that very moment. The composition of the elements and the color palettes used made the competing products look like twins, and since Apple was the first to get these things to the market (years ahead of Microsoft, in fact), then they have bragging rights, and they sure know how to use them. When Microsoft essentially takes an idea from OS X, copies the look and feel, and then re-brands it under some horrible name (Microsoft Windows Live Widget Maker 2.0 Edition), then they're just setting themselves up for this type of mockery. All of this just goes to show that Microsoft is running out of fresh ideas, and even though they spend billions of dollars each year on R&D, you'd almost think that they should just pay other companies to come up with the ideas and then decide on inclusion based off of user reaction. In my mind, I envision their R&D department consisting of a large room with one iMac on a desk in the center and chairs surrounding it. As funny as that may seem, it sure looks like that's what they're doing. I guess the rest of those billions of dollars go to fully stocking a warehouse where Steve Ballmer can go to throw chairs for therapy. well... I will let the vieo speak for itself!... hehehe... cheers every1... You will love this video! aaah man ... this guy is a real Bill Gates Fanatic!... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QdGt3ix2CQ Also look at this one... this guy is hard to understand ... but I think it's all part of the act... or is it?... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-2C2gb6ws8 hope you guys enjoy this! cheers
  6. delgadoii

    Symantec Antivirus Issue

    interesting I was having the same problem with some of my stations... the solution that I found worked for me was that I has some systems still running SP1 XP, so I updated them to SP2 and also I found that if you install an older ver. of symantec like ver 8-9 in most cases depending on your OS they will not update and u need to do it Manually and sometimes have to keep on installing the definitions untill it updates... my suggestion is. 1. Make sure SP2 is installed in your machines 2. Get the latest version of Symantec antivirus like ver. 10 and up! hope this helps... cheers
  7. delgadoii

    M$ Sued For Using Office Live Name

    this looks more like a News post!... but thanks for the info very good read!
  8. delgadoii

    Bittorrent Goes Legal

    One time bad boys of the Internet BitTorrent, who created the most popular software for pirating content on the Web, is launching a marketplace of legal movies on the Internet today. The site has the blessing of four major studios and about three dozen other publishers of video, games and software. "BitTorrent has the infrastructure, technology and established user base to significantly move the needle on digital distribution with quick, easy and affordable delivery,'' Thomas Lesinski, president of Viacom's Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment, said in a statement. BitTorrent.com's library will contain more than 3,000 movies and TV shows, rivaling the selection found at CinemaNow and Movielink, legal sites that have long had the blessing of the entertainment industry. Among the movies available for rent for US$3.99 are Oscar nominees such as "Little Miss Sunshine'' and "An Inconvenient Truth.'' Older catalog titles will cost US$2.99. Television shows will be available for US$1.99 each; high-definition shows will cost US$2.99. TV programming will include "24'' and "Prison Break'' from News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox, as well as "Punk'd'' and "Chappelle's Show'' from Viacom's MTV Networks and Comedy Central. Other participating studios include Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, partly owned by Sony, Time Warner's Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Lions Gate. Pricing is comparable to other legal sites -- though far more than nothing, which is what the average BitTorrent user is accustomed to paying. In addition, content produced by major studios will be protected by Microsoft's digital rights management software and will not play on Apple computers or iPods. The new site represents a big gamble that BitTorrent's core users -- males between 16 and 34 -- will accept the restrictions of a legal marketplace. While BitTorrent boasts that 135 million people have installed its file-sharing software, that software is primarily used to illegally trade copyrighted movies, TV shows, software and music. "People are fed up with DRM,'' said Steve Rubel, a marketing expert at Edelman who writes the blog www.micropersuasion.com. "People are going to find content elsewhere.'' Jesse Drew, acting director of the technocultural studies program at University of California-Davis, warned that BitTorrent's social aspect could work against the site now that it is competing with traditional companies like Apple, Netflix and Walmart. "These popular sites come and go so quickly,'' he said. "People forget that it's not just economic models that make them popular, they have a certain mystique, an edginess, a hipness -- they lose that when they enter into a commercial market.'' Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, said the new site has been carefully constructed to meet the needs of its community, including the capability to self-publish personal content on the BitTorrent network and to edit the site itself. "We think of our audience not only as customers but as evangelists and creators,'' Navin said. BitTorrent is also offering users a major incentive to respect copyrights: speedy downloads. It has tweaked its peer-to-peer network technology so that movies will be downloaded in minutes -- as compared to hours required by traditional peer-to-peer pirate sites. The peer-to-peer system -- which is extremely efficient for popular files -- works poorly for more obscure content, because the more copies of a file that exist on the network, the easier and quicker it is to download. To solve this problem, BitTorrent is adding its own bandwidth to the network. Navin said downloads will arrive "faster than the pizza delivery'' and play with one click on Microsoft's Media Player 11. He said people who have older versions of the media player should upgrade. To watch BitTorrent movies on TV, people will need Netgear's Digital Entertainer and a high-definition television set. Jan Saxton, vice president of Adams Media Research in Carmel, said BitTorrent's new service is an example of the kind of innovation that will drive huge growth in online video in the next five years. Adams Media Research predicts the market for downloads, rentals and subscriptions to moves and TV shows over the Internet will zoom from $121 million last year to $5.1 billion in 2011. SOURCE: (h++p:\\www.smarthouse.com.au/Content_And_Services/Music_Downloads?Article=/Content%20And%20Services/Music%20Downloads/W6N7U3B3)
  9. delgadoii

    Linux Genuine Advantage

    shouldn't this b in the humor section... lol... that is a classic if I ever saw one... aahh... made my day.. thanks... HAVE A VERY FUN GENUINE DAY!!
  10. delgadoii

    Linux Genuine Advantage

    shouldn't this b in the humor section... lol... that is a classic if I ever saw one... aahh... made my day.. thanks... HAVE A VERY FUN DAY!
  11. delgadoii

    Microsoft Extends Windows Xp Support To 2014

    lol... i hope the xbox has a better support expectancy then the Microsoft products do... I wonder when the support will end... !!.. cheers
  12. delgadoii

    50tb (terabytes) In A Single Disc!

    Just when we thought that Maxtor’s 1TB drive was amazing, here, we have Professor Renugopalakrishnan of the Harvard Medical School, who claims to have developed a new genetically altered protein called bacteriorhodopsin (bR), that, when layered on a DVD, can store up to 50TB (that’s 50,000 gigabytes) of data. He presented his findings before the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Brisbane this week. In case you were wondering how it worked: “The light-activated protein is found in the membrane of a salt marsh microbe Halobacterium salinarum and is also known as bacteriorhodopsin (bR). It captures and stores sunlight to convert it to chemical energy. When light shines on bR, it is converted to a series of intermediate molecules each with a unique shape and colour before returning to its 'ground state'.” So, basically, what he did was modify the DNA so that the intermediate can last for several years (at which point, I would assume your data gets wiped). Now, the ground state can be a “0” and any of the intermediates could be a “1.” Thus, it would store your data in binary. So, if you can overlook the fact that what you’re really storing your data on is genetically altered bacteria, this looks like it could be pretty promising technology. Humans bringing technology to the next level... Startrek Here We GO!... Sources: [h++p://gotakon.[websitebanned]/2006/07/bacteria-may-help-you-store-whopping.html] [h++p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein]
  13. delgadoii

    Comptia Unveils Two New Certification Exams

    Thanks for the great post... it's back to the drawing board for me... hehehe... cheers...
  14. delgadoii

    Memory Upgrade

    In most cases it it fits and the system boots up it is detecting... and if you install it and the system does nothing... no POST... then you know that the RAM is not compatible... here is how to upgrade the ram on your model: http://www-3.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-46513 or u can find your model here and it will tell you what type of RAM is really supported: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-55644 I hope this helps... cheers...
  15. delgadoii

    Sending Network Signal Over Electricity Line

    .. hello... I have tried the Netgear XE102 Powerline Adapter in our lab and here is how it measued up!... When we used it with just afew of our lights on... it worked marvelously.... but when we started running some of our everday devices like our Microwave, fridge and stove for example the data transfer rate dropped dramatically!... and let's not get started when we did Laundry and turned on the Dryer!.. lmao.. we were going at 1.5mbps... wich is a dramatic drop... considering these things only run at 3.5mbps... So be very carefull when buying these things... we .. well gave it back and got an old fashioned Wireless router that supports Wireless A/B/G. cheers...