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  1. HackNack

    Cwna Cbt Nuggets

    Has anyone bought the new CWNA CBT Nuggets that just came out. What do you think? They're only $180 if you get the online steaming version.
  2. HackNack

    5 Must-have Hacker Tools Revealed

    http://informationsecurity.techtarget.com/magItem/1,291266,sid42_gci1120854_login,00.html Here's the link.
  3. HackNack


  4. HackNack

    I Need Help With My Resume,

    Well, alright, I'll give you a few. Firstly, no one uses an objective anymore. Especially the "challenging job" kind of objective. It's a sure way to say "hey I'm just another generic guy with a generic resume." Secondly, the certifications are hard to read at first so most people are just going to skip over them. Also, your summary of skills is very generic. It can be construed as "I don't know anything" or "I know everything." Be more specific about the things you can do. In addition to that, Areas of Proficiency is just another way to say summary of skills. Combine the two. Finally, put more stuff on the only tech related position you have on your resume. C'mon you're trying to get a tech job
  5. HackNack

    New To Mcse

    MCSE2k3:Security is not as strong a certification as some others which don't take 8+ exams to complete. Only start on the path if you have a lot of time and patience. I wish I didn't... Edit: By the way, when getting an admin position at a company MCSE knowledge is assumed, even if you don't have the certifications. That's just my experience though.
  6. HackNack

    I Need Help With My Resume,

    Oh boy... You need to start google-ing. There are simply too many things that have to be fixed. Your experience (or lack there of) is not the problem.
  7. HackNack

    I'm Back!

    Yeah, I kinda' forgot about this wonderful forum. I've been busy with work, you know how it is... Anyway, my blog will start being updated again as soon as I get into the flow of things. G'day
  8. HackNack

    Where Did You Born ?

    Eastern Europe.
  9. HackNack

    What To Do During The Ccna Exam

    Wrong section. Nice information nontheless.
  10. HackNack

    Meaning Of Ur Name

    I have two intended meaning of my nick. First, you can read it as Hack and Knack, or HackKnack -- the knack in hacking. By the way, I'm using O'Reilly's meaning of hack. Knack means: 1. A clever, expedient way of doing something. 2. A specific talent for something, especially one difficult to explain or teach. See Synonyms at art1. 3. Archaic. 1. A cleverly designed device. 2. A knickknack. Second, you can read it as Hack Negative Acknowledgement.
  11. HackNack

    Has Anyone Really Benefitted From A Cert.

    I know I haven't benefitted from any of the certs I have. I wish I did but no dice. The people I work with don't believe in certs and I can see their point. There are too many paper <insert your cert here>s.
  12. HackNack

    Pepsi Or Coke

    Viva Coke.
  13. HackNack

    Cwna Test

    I am not telling you my opinion, silly goose. I am simply reporting what the (overwhelming) majority said. I think you should take this up with every person who passed the exam, not me. The verdict is in, though. Hard exam, not enough time, some tricky questions, guide was enough (complemented with official and boson questions). Anyway, I will post when I am done taking the exam.
  14. HackNack

    Cwna Test

    I'm taking it as soon as I go through the guide and questions, which will be in a month's time since I'm bogged down with other things right now. I'll report my score in this forum so keep checking.
  15. HackNack

    Cwna Test

    Many people with no wireless experience say that the study guide is in fact enough. Actually you're the first one who says otherwise. I would look into that if I were you.