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  1. 13th Worrier

    Selection of Records in oracle

    Moving to proper section. 13th
  2. No warning, no error prompt, no detailed log in event viewer just update error ?????? I am using kaspersky 2010 in my office and never experianced any update problem. for the one problem i had with this product, i used kaspersky support center for it. if you are registered on kaspersky website, they have a wonderful support center and they might send you some hotfix/patch for it. 13th
  3. 13th Worrier


    1: If you have ISA server installed then why do you need Windows firewall?? 2: Run--> type services.msc --> Check ISA firewall service whether they are start or stopped. 13th
  4. 13th Worrier

    Use a single word to describe yourself!

    Reserved. 13th
  5. 13th Worrier

    Lethe - The birthday boy

    Greetings from my side as well Happy Birthday. 13th
  6. 13th Worrier

    How to prevent this layout?

    Click on options drop menu and select "Switch to standard" 13th
  7. 13th Worrier

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday From this day onward, your birthday will be remembered as a part of history. Moving to greetings section 13th
  8. 13th Worrier

    Michael Jackson has died 5:20pm EST

    What a shocking news it was when i heard about him. Today we lost a LEGEND He was, Is and will always remain a POP ICON for the music industry. MAY GOD BLESS HIS SOUL. 13th
  9. 13th Worrier

    Windows NTFS Permissions

    The X user was member of any group or the permission was specifically assigned to the user?? If group is involved then its just simple 2 steps. 13th
  10. 13th Worrier

    Active Directory

    Nothing to add to what bluefin said. 13th
  11. 13th Worrier


    What a match it was, I enjoyed its each and every ball, specially that six in second last over. Congratulation to our whole Nation and heros. Looking forward to a Warm welcome at their arrival. 13th
  12. Just a few.. Afghanistan China KSA & Malaysia 13th
  13. 13th Worrier

    Company Name?

    Damn old topic. Closing... 13th
  14. Use "Nero image drive" from Nero Ultra edition, works fine with loading .ngr and .Iso formats. 13th