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  1. velagapudy

    how to get CUCM hardware serial number

    we manage the hardware remotely
  2. velagapudy

    how to get CUCM hardware serial number

    tried and the output is the same. still no serial number
  3. How can I retrieve the hardware serial number of the CUCM ? the command “show hardware” is supposed to give me the serial number. But it doesn’t (output below) HW Platform : 7835H2 Processors : 1 Type : Intel® Xeon® CPU 5140 @ 2.33GHz CPU Speed : 2333 Memory : 2048 MBytes Object ID : OS Version : UCOS RAID Version : RAID Firmware Version: 4.12 RAID BIOS Version: N/A BIOS Information : Vendor: HP Version: P56 Release Date: 06/28/2007 RAID Details : Smart Array P400 in Slot 1 Logical Drive: 1 [1mPress <enter> for 1 line, <space> for one page, or <q> to quit [0m [K Size: 68.3 GB Fault Tolerance: 1+0 Heads: 255 Sectors Per Track: 32 Cylinders: 17562 Stripe Size: 128 KB Status: Ok Array Accelerator: Enabled Has Data On Drive: True Unique Identifier: 600508B************************* Preferred Controller Chassis Slot: 1 ANY ideas ?
  4. velagapudy

    Ring Back on out bound calls

    i'll try to be more clear this time, the issue is when user "A" palces a call to an outside line "B", they do not hear the other end "B" ring when the call connects the user gets no ring back from the other end, but once the call gets picked up they can talk to the other end without any issues this does not happen on internal calls this only happens on some of the external calls (inermittent)
  5. velagapudy

    MWIs Do Not Turn Off

    Thanks for the reply cukoun and nicomakz. i've had a look in the CCM and found that there were no DN's configured for MWI ON/OFF here was what i found out from a TAC engineer. DN's for MWI ON/OFF are only needed if using cisco unity. my scenario delt with using a 3rd party service for managing the voice mail / fax and the relavant signalling to turn ON/OFF the indicator light along with the display on the phone when the user receives or deletes a voice mail / fax. this was caused by the 3rd party server not sending the signalling to turn off the indicator light whenever a message is deleted. ONCE AGAIN, I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. THANKS GUYS
  6. Can someone provide some guidance on the following Issue is: • User does not hear a ring back tone on some of the outbound calls. • This is an intermittent issue, as they do hear a ring back tone on most of the outbound calls. • Following is the POTS dial-peer configuration (voice gateways use H.323) Dial-peer voice 1 pots Description Default inbound and outbound dial-peer Translation-profile xlate-in Progress_ind alert enable 8 Incoming called-number Direct-inward-dial Port 0/0/0:15 • However Cisco recommends the following: Progress_ind setup enable 3 Progress_ind progress enable 8 Progress_ind alert enable 8 Progress_ind connect enable 8 Some advise is needed on what these additional commands (highlighted in green) do ? any other solutions are also welcome
  7. Hi, Problem: - we have a CUCM ver 6.1 that uses a 3rd party software / server to manage voice mail and FAX for all the users. - users have their fax and voice mail forwarded to their outlook inbox. - the issue is whenever the users try to delete voicemail / FAX, it gets deleted in the 3rd party exchange server. but the red indicator light and the envelope/fax icon remain on the screen of the IP phone as if they still have unchecked voice mail / fax - this happens both for fax and voice mail - have checked with the 3rd party voice mail team to confirm if the messages are being deleted from the server - cisco unity is not being used any help / guidence appreciated