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  1. VCP 510

    You cannot book a seat for the new exam until 29 Aug.
  2. vista product key

    If the laptop originally came with Windows Vista, you can use the SLIC 2.0 tables in BIOS to activate it. Because you pay a license when buying, is legal to activate Windows Vista this way, but you must install the same edition.
  3. You can pass any 642-xxx exam to extend your CCNP. Is usual to take exams from other tracks.
  4. Simple VPN question

    maybe /26 subnet masks? Other option is ARP proxy.
  5. local admin password forgot

    Just use Locksmith tool in DaRT.
  6. how to begin studying for VCP

    The only option to became VCP is taking a official training from a VMware training partner. You cannot take an exam without first taking the official training.
  7. CCNP Certification Expiry Guide Required

    You only have a month. Although your CCNA have been renewed, you have to complete the three exams within three year you qualify as CCNP.
  8. Thinking in Vancouver, Canada

    Thanks everyone. Be Quick Or Be Dead!, I am from Spain. Last year, there was a program, called "Canadian Experience Young Professionals ", they "help" you with 1 year work visa if you are under 35 and you already have a job offer. There are other programs for students, those other programs also allows you to work. The worse of the Canadian Experience Young Professionals program is exactly that you will need a written job offer, and you are only allowed to work for this company, then I should be careful with the company. This year, we all are awaiting something like last year's. All the program is coordinated from the Paris embassy, so I have to start preparing myself and be ready when the program starts. I have no problem about working as level 1/2 technician initially, even the whole year, it can be fun. Once with 1 year proven work experience in Canada, and with better English too, is easier to come back with as permanent resident (If you ever worked a year in Canada you have more points when immigrating). About the house, I have no problems with house sharing, too. I have been sharing a flat until June, in July I have moved to another two-room flat for me. Having a bedroom and a work room is great.... This flat is not expensive, just 500 € in a town close to Madrid, with Metro at 10 minutes walk. But I am Spanish, and you all know that Spaniards spend more time at the bar than at house. The job search looks like BQOBD says: I can apply for some job offers, but it seems impossible to get a formal offer without a personal interview. And taking a 10 hours flight, about 700 € each way, is something you cannot do everyday. It can be great to have some fist hand information from Vancouverites! Vancouver is like a dream: near the sea, and in two hours, you can be in Whistler-Backcomb, amazing! PS: Maybe is better to apply as "Working Holidays". They just ask you for having 2100 € in a bank account as proof that you have money for living at least three months. You can live and work in Canada for a year. Maybe is easier to find a job when you are already there.
  9. Hello everyone. I have been outside forum for a time, real-life problems kept me away. But I'm back. I'm 29, and I am thinking about going to Vancouver. I have read about International Experience in Canada program in the Spanish Canadian Embassy, and it looks interesting to me. For applying to the program, I need a job offer in Canada. They give you one year job permit. How hard can be arranging a job from another country? Cisco certificates are enough? I think it should be easier to find a CCNA level job, increase my experience and skills and after the year come back to my country and arrange a long-term job permit. Another of my question is about money. How much is needed for paying a flat and have some decent lifestyle? Living in Vancouver is expensive? Is easy to rent a flat? I plan to prepare the TOEFL exam, do you think this would help me? I need some guidance for my first steps. Thanks everyone.
  10. HSRP,VRRP and UDP forward protocol

    Are you talking about duplicate DHCP requests or any other broadcasts?
  11. NAM2 card ststus:PwrDown

    It looks that is stuck in the middle of an upgrade. I have no experience on NAMs but there is a bunch of documents in Cisco site about performing instalation and upgrades.
  12. backup devices configuration

  13. NAM2 card ststus:PwrDown

    Have you tried about powering up the module? power enable module slot
  14. Qos Question

    Priority. This command set the queue as LLQ, and also polices the traffic in this queue.