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  1. suryaprasanna

    Slash Support In India

    i think that Slash Support would be a good opportunity, but be sure as it is Telephonic Support (only). Make sure to get to know which project you are about to work in . Slash Support has two groups ETAS (Enterprise) and CTAS (customer service and small business). It's my opinion that ETAS is good for techies, CTAS is considered a stepping stone for ETAS. If you are already a good technician then better go for ETAS. I had worked in Slash for more than 1 year and I think it is a good place to take off..... NETGEAR is in CTAS if you get into NETGEAR go for PROSUPPORT it is in Utah (salt lake city) otherwise you would end up supporting home customers , PROSUPPORT is for Small Business.
  2. suryaprasanna

    Sound Icon On Task Bar

    Go to the device manager and check weather the sound card is installed properly and the drivers are up to date (you wont be able to do that if you do not have administrative rights) so you have to contact your office administrator so that he can update the drivers of the sound card or reinstall the sound card.
  3. suryaprasanna

    Ccnp Certified

    I do not think that you'll get a CCNP job without experience. Try CCNA (Jr. Network Aministrator) job first and then try for a CCNP job after gaining some experience. In the meanwhile try to achieve as many certs as possible, they help a lot along with experience.
  4. suryaprasanna

    Ccsp Or Cwsp

    The ultimate aim after finishing CCNP is to obtain CCIE , but still I do not have enough experience for that (3 years) . What I thought was I would do CCSP while I am working and then next year I can go for CCIE. That would make me more thorough .....
  5. suryaprasanna

    Ccsp Or Cwsp

    Hi I am working for a company called netgear (tac) configuring VPN and supporting wireless routers and firewalls .I am currently persuing CCNP , I have already given the BSCI and BCMSN exams and an vying to give the next two exams. I want to know what would be the best track to follow after CCNP. I am interested in security and also in wireless. Should I go for CCSP or CWSP? which would be the best option?
  6. suryaprasanna

    Career In Doldrums

    I have been working as a Tech Support Executive (networking) in one of the BPO (call centre) . It was going well till now but now the company seems to be in doldrums. I am having plans to complete CCNP , I have already given and passed BSCI and am planning to write BCMSN in the beginning of next month... I am getting a lot of offers in windows administration side as I even have a MCSE . I am not able to decide which way to go. so I need your advise in this regard......
  7. suryaprasanna

    What's Wrong With My Qualification?!

    Dont worry, keep on trying . I have bachelors in Leather technology and an MBA in HR , still I have got a job as networking-executive. I have MCSE +CCNA but you got to have some relavent experience. the baseline is that
  8. suryaprasanna

    Monitor Refresh Problem

    just go to the VGA mode and restore the settings
  9. suryaprasanna

    Anonymous Mail Id

    yeah i too think that there is nothing like ananomys mail. They always keep logging your records.
  10. suryaprasanna

    What May Be Interview Questions For Mcsa.

    I take interviews for system administration and technical support. The basic questions that we ask is usual questions about AD, DNS, DHCP, Backup.
  11. suryaprasanna

    Free Mp3 Site

    it is quite a good site.
  12. suryaprasanna

    Open Security Study Guides

    thank you for the great book
  13. suryaprasanna

    Building A Pc

    check weather the wires are getting the power and they are connected at the right place.
  14. thank you for your suggestions
  15. suryaprasanna

    It Salary

    The cost of living in Burma is also less.