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  1. Hi, I am testing a configuration of two sip voice gateways. As soon as I join them with HSRP, I cant get any audio to pass through. Is there a way to get this going? I've seen a few posts that sip-ua's dont live well with HSRP addresses. Thanks!
  2. Igor M

    ns204 - multiple tunnels with bidir nat

    Interesting turn of events, it appears that the ALG for sip/rtp is not working properly through the tunnels. I am getting a one-way audio
  3. Igor M

    ns204 - multiple tunnels with bidir nat

    Here is the solution: -create a loopback interface with the required mip (ip address of loop is irrelevant) -for every tunnel interface, make it a part of the loopback group for the created loopback interface this way every of your tunnels is capable of doing the same lan->pub ip natting for your server
  4. Hi all, I am working on configuring a ns204 and need some help selecting a proper vpn scenario. I have a sip gateway on my trusted lan, and the firewall is supposed to have five vpn tunnels to the provider. The problem is that whichever vpn model I choose, I can not have the same one-to-one nat configured for that sip gateway over the five different tunnels. The idea is that the provider should see only one *public* address of the sip gateway through the five tunnels. Thanks!
  5. Igor M

    IPSec through NAT

    Hello, I am looking for a good and complete example on how to configure an ipsec tunnel between two cisco routers passing through a natting firewall. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks! -igor
  6. Igor M

    CCIE R&S Lab Equipment - Workbook

    take me, i dont have a lab of my own at all. I passed almost entirely on dynamips. I would say the platform almost does not matter, unless you are faced with L2 kinks.
  7. Igor M

    wr erase corrupts the ios ?

    this happens when someone upgrades their ios through tftp and then the session times out - the result is an incomplete image on the flash which causes the crash at boot.
  8. Hey gang, I am looking to build my my linkedin network. Please feel free to add me. -igor manassypov Thanks!
  9. Hey, Yes, dynamips is going to be *very* helpful in your studies, and I would say it is about 90% - 95% sufficient. The only thing you will have to take your experience from elsewhere is your L2. At least some of it, like MST for example. The router model you should use is 3640, it is modular and is not as heavy as 7200. I would suggest splitting your mips into processes such that you have at most four routers per process. You can run as many processes as your system can take. I had to use two separate boxes to handle the full ie topology, otherwise it becomes sluggish and you cant concentrate. And, do not waste your time on GNS, it is crap for CCNA-grade kids
  10. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    Here is the sketch for the scenario. You have a disperse WAN over provider-controlled mpls cloud. Two of your remote sites are distributing 'identical' third-party network. Here are the requirements: -HQ1 prefers 'Remote 1' to reach 3rd party network -HQ2 prefers 'Remote 2' to reach 3rd party network -In case if 'Remote 1' looses connectivity to the 3rd party, HQ1 has to go through 'Remote 2' to reach it -In case if 'Remote 2' looses connectivity to the 3rd party, HQ2 has to go through 'Remote 1' to reach it -Do not use GRE tunnels as it is not scalable See if you can figure it out. I already have a solution.
  11. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    Huh, Just found a solution. Cisco's support engineers suck, thats all. I just figured a way to setup the nat'ing in such a way that it does 'destination network substitution' for me. Will sketch a diagram with nat statements and post it some time tomorrow for the interested folk. -igor
  12. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    The word from cisco - this is 'not yet supported'. Thats it then
  13. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    one approach, albeit a coarse one, is to span GRE tunnels and run the IGP across, however it is not very scalable and would not be very stable either...
  14. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    tags are not preserved when routes are distributed across the mpls cloud, and besides -once I am able to nat there wont be a need to tag anymore
  15. Igor M

    DNAT - subnet substitution?

    with this configuration your 'host' portion will get mingled like follows: x.x.x.host -> 10.0.1.[1-255], i want to have x.x.x.host -> 10.0.1.host