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  1. Question - I was curious if anyone has ever been docked points (or at least think they were) for using the ? on the CLI during simulation on an exam? Second item is like someone else brought up what about the sims in which you cannot do a write mem or copy run start. Ever been docked for not saving a config? Just curious. Although I know in the field configs should always be saved, they never tell you to save the configs (at least not that I can recall).
  2. digitalgoober

    Nac - Clean Access - Vmware - Instructions

    I run everything in Windows without any problems - NAC, IPS. I've never tried dynamips integration but I'm sure it is possible. You might have some issues getting the NAC appliance to play friendly with the NAC manager on a single box though. If you attempt to get everything running on the same box, I'd recommend using multiple NICs at the very least.
  3. digitalgoober

    Nac - Clean Access - Vmware - Instructions

    I've just been using the latest version of VMWare server on Windowz. Seems to work just fine. On a side note - I've also got the new NAC guest server working in VMWare as well, but I haven't been able to figure out the license yet - it works with a demo license but I'm working on a solid fix. I'll post something once I get. Then I'll move onto the NAC Profiler as well. I have a feeling it will be similar too.
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    Acs And Aaa Accounting

    What does the rest of your config look like (tacacs+ group for example)? Do you see anything in the accounting on the ACS server?
  5. digitalgoober

    All About 642-532 Ips Pleaaaaaaase

    msiou ouss, I responded to one of your previous posts about starting in on your CCSP - I see you are considering going this route? IPS is one of the harder (in my opinion) areas and I wouldn't recommend starting with this one first. Is there a reason that you want to start with this one? (Like getting the tough ones done first?) But to answer your question - I'm sure you can pass it if you study the materials.
  6. I got the Cisco NAC appliance running in VMware and figured I'd share what I did so others could learn as well. I used it for hands on to pass the CANAC exam. From Cisco.com download latest image (example: cca-4.1_2_1-K9.iso) Create your CAM & CAS: The steps in VMware are the same for the CAM & CAS - the only difference is during the boot up you choose what kind of system to build. Create your CAM first, get it up and running, then create another VM for the CAS In VMware create a new custom virtual machine with the following options: Linux:Red Hat Linux One Proc (Can use two) 384MB RAM (More can be used) 20GB IDE HD (IDE0:0) Change the CD-ROM to IDE0:1 Add a second Ethernet interface prior to building the machine if you'd like to emulate HA Finally set your CD-ROM to use the ISO image you downloaded Boot your system and follow the normal procedure as if you were on the appliance. (To do HA Create two CAMs and two CASes - the VMware steps are the same, I'll let you figure out all the steps involved for doing HA as it is more complex but can be done) Now in order to use your CAM you need to license it. I've provided license files that is based on a MAC address that can be used within VMware's OUI range. Here is what you need to do: Make sure you've shutdown your VMware so you can edit the .vmx file! Step 1. Cut and paste the information below (starting with "SERVER" and ending with "9A23"" into a blank .txt file and name the file cca-mgr.lic ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ SERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco INCREMENT CCA-MANAGER cisco 4.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=<Count>1</Count><PrimaryMAC>000C2982E61A</PrimaryMAC> \ HOSTID=ANY \ NOTICE="<LicFileID>20060509094055917</LicFileID><LicLineID>1</LicLineID> \ <PAK></PAK>" SIGN="117F 88D8 DC5F 4783 6328 E551 D628 A36A \ 18C1 C5D0 8BE6 03B6 8295 D302 D6A0 160A 55DE 24CE 6A56 05D3 \ 7B99 C7F8 5530 DE47 DCF0 B2FB 4D5A 98A3 7C3E 7951" INCREMENT SERVER-COUNT cisco 4.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=<Count>20</Count><PrimaryMAC>000C2982E61A</PrimaryMAC> \ HOSTID=ANY \ NOTICE="<LicFileID>20060509094055917</LicFileID><LicLineID>2</LicLineID> \ <PAK></PAK>" SIGN="0B2B BAD5 1678 D2B9 6D9C E4DA DE28 A2F6 \ 1EA0 05D8 FA84 431C 17A0 438F F24B 191D DFE2 8FCE 8F88 D84C \ 4615 3D43 3EC3 EB30 9928 E23B A2E5 B26B BCD9 9A23" ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ Step 2. Cut and paste the information below (starting with "SERVER" and ending with "E8D9"" into a blank .txt file and name the file cca-cas.lic ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ SERVER this_host ANY VENDOR cisco INCREMENT CCA-OB-SERVER cisco 4.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=<Count>1</Count><PrimaryMAC>000C2982E61A</PrimaryMAC> \ HOSTID=ANY \ NOTICE="<LicFileID>20060510141450652</LicFileID><LicLineID>1</LicLineID> \ <PAK></PAK>" SIGN="1141 FE48 5F11 E9D4 9827 CAAD B8FB 0CDE \ CA29 D961 675C 721D DAF1 475E A0BB 0903 490B BA42 AC96 3BC2 \ 9A6C A814 9F1C 1CF2 5C83 4585 6325 D32E 090F E1BF" INCREMENT USER-COUNT cisco 4.0 permanent uncounted \ VENDOR_STRING=<Count>1500</Count><PrimaryMAC>000C2982E61A</PrimaryMAC> \ HOSTID=ANY \ NOTICE="<LicFileID>20060510141450652</LicFileID><LicLineID>2</LicLineID> \ <PAK></PAK>" SIGN="0A07 1FAA 5BCA F9C4 4EDF 7FFB 2097 1899 \ CCA5 8317 B20A C287 9D35 EE2B 5BAA 0125 3C15 CCA0 49FB ACE3 \ A4AF 7792 77DA 1960 05C6 260B 4BC5 5D67 1659 E8D9" ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ Step 3. Edit the CAM VMware .vmx file. You need to change the MAC address of your CAM so that it matches the MAC address of this license file. Otherwise you won't be able to apply the license. Make sure the following lines in your .vmx file look like this: ethernet0.addressType = "generated" ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:82:e6:1a" ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = "0" uuid.action="keep" Also, you need to edit the following line so that the last 6 digits match the last 6 digits of the MAC address. Example: Our MAC Address needs to be: 000C2982E61A so make sure you change the last 6 digits to be 82 e6 1a (overwrite whatever was there previously). Example shown below: uuid.bios = "56 4d e5 e4 ba 36 78 cb-e1 48 ec 69 20 82 e6 1a" Step 4. Now you can power on the VM and you should have the new MAC address (you can verify by logging into the console as root and doing an "ifconfig"). Log into the web interface and you should be greated with the "you need to license this box before you can do anything screen". At this point, browse to wherever you saved the cca-mgr.lic file and upload. You now should be able to login (admin:cisco123). Next step is to add the 2nd license file. Browse to Administration > Clean Access Manager > Licensing, then click the browse button and point it to the cca-cas.lic file. Click install license... That should do it! Good luck and have fun! - Let me know if you find this useful
  7. digitalgoober

    Ccsp Or Ccnp ?

    My personal opinion is that you should start with CCNP and then move onto CCSP or at the very least study BSCI and BCMSN and then move onto CCSP. The reason being like screeeeeem said above is that to understand security you really need a solid understanding of networking. I don't think CCNA is a solid enough foundation to go straight into CCSP. Just my 2 cents.