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  1. I need to trace mobile voice access, as I have issue with remote destination number and PIN where they are not recognized when dialed through PSTN. Thanks Ali
  2. ALI07

    Calls Transfer (VoIP)

    We are using VoIP, and using Cisco call manger 7.1.3., our network in country 1 connected to country 2 network through VPN tunnel, we have no issue dialing extension No. in our network to country 2 network. We need to route external PSTN calls coming in country 1 Net. to country 2 Net., my question is how to accomplish this through our voice gateway and callmanager. Thanks,
  3. ALI07

    Need Expert consultation

    Our network has around 60 ‘3560 Cisco switches’ , we are using these switches for layer 2 and 3, has multiple vlans and multiple sites in different areas and they are connected to each other by our radio dishes and/or (MPLS through service provider router), and connecting to internet through the 3560 switch. My question is what are the drawback for using the 3560 switches for layer 3, what are the limitation in our scenario? Thanks
  4. ALI07

    Router-on-a-Stick and the Native VLAN

    I THINK THE FOLLOWING NOTE WILL BE USEFUL FOR THIS TOPIC ALI 802.1Q Configuration on the Router for Cisco IOS Versions Earlier than 12.1(3)T As described earlier in this document, while configuring 802.1Q trunking it is very important to match the native VLAN across the link. In the Cisco IOS software versions earlier than 12.1(3)T, you cannot define the native VLAN explicitly, as the encapsulation dot1Q 1 native command under the sub-interface is not available. In the earlier Cisco IOS versions, it is important to configure the native VLAN-Interface not as a sub-interface, which is in our example VLAN1. If configured wrong, the router would expect a tag dot1q frame on VLAN1 and the switch is not expecting a tag on VLAN1. As a result, no traffic will pass between VLAN1 on the switch and the router. In these situations always put the configuration for the native VLAN under the main interface and on the trunk create subinterface for all other VLANS.
  5. Which one of these workbooks give you the best to learn and understand most life technologys, and not only helping to pass the CCIE Lab. Ali
  6. ALI07

    Advanced CCIE R&S - Narbik

    Thanx guys for advice. Ali
  7. ALI07

    Advanced CCIE R&S - Narbik

    I am planning to rent a rack to train with "Advanced CCIE R&S - Narbik", my doubt is what is the estimated renting time required to accomplished this workbook. Any body has idea? Ali