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  1. h_im4u

    Got my First IT Job

    Well done take care of your new job!! Regards,
  2. h_im4u

    USA Embassy Interview

    Allah ma3ak..all the best dude "be cooooooooool" is the best advice... Regards,
  3. h_im4u

    Need to work in the Middle East

    hi there.. here in this sub-forum..there is a topic by these sites you have to apply your perfect CV at them..also www.bayt.com and am sure you will find a job there cuz gulf countries are full of indians. good luck!!
  4. h_im4u

    Need to work in the Middle East

    did you try to apply your CV at the jobs sites in the middles east? Regards,
  5. h_im4u

    Happy Birthday ....Talent PK

    happy birthday talent...hope you are happy and enjoy your time...lol Regards,
  6. h_im4u


    If you have selected 70-620 as your client exam then you have to do one of the electives quoted from above: If you have selected 70-620 as your elective exam, you have to do 70-270 as your client exam Regards if i select 70-620 as client , and later on i go for upgrade to 2008 does i have to do again 70-620 or what , caz this also include in upgrade , i think 70-620 / 647/649 for Enterprise Admin , hi friend... my advice is to take one of the isa or exchange...(isa 2004 or isa 2006,exchange 2003 or exchange 2007) now for the server 2008 you need just 649 then 647. Good Luck!!
  7. h_im4u

    clustering with VMWARE

    Check these: hxxp://blogs.sun.com/SC/entry/clustering_solaris_guests_that_run hxxp://opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=58271&tstart=15 Regards,
  8. Did you try this? Regards,
  9. please can you give us a simple question for this issue? parahprase it please. Regards,
  10. h_im4u

    Boot CD

    Check this: hxxp://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=356 Regards,
  11. h_im4u

    Looking for job :)

    So did you try to apply your CV at the famous sites which provide detailed information aboiy the job oppurtiunites in the European Union. Regards,
  12. h_im4u

    IBM Server Problem

    When you dis-connect the new one can you boot normally? Regards,
  13. h_im4u

    Looking for job :)

    Hi lethe.. do you want to work in the Gulf Countries? so I can help you in that. Regards,
  14. try to change the jumber master or slave!! and check the cable of the enclosure...it should be a good one. Regards,
  15. h_im4u

    Boot CD

    Did you try to use the Ultra ISO? Regards,