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  1. Zalas

    ccnp without hands on

    GNS3 is pretty good to cover most topics in the CCNP Route exam, can do switching also if you add the module. but as Cisco says on their website, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions.
  2. Zalas


    yes they do, usually a 32MB CF card
  3. HI Guys I recently passed the Route exam, i used CBT NUggets, Cisco Press Book and to get a better understanding of IPV6 and tunneling i used the INE Video on Demand CCIE series which helped alot. Initialy i was using CBT Nuggets, but when i was reading other forums about the exam, lots of people mentioned that the exam asked about tunneling and ipsec security. which CBT nuggets covers in 4 minutes or so. just my thoughts
  4. under the ephone-dn 1 label "your caller-id"
  5. Zalas

    2 Devices Active on 1 Line

    do u want to use one of them only for gud or what do u mean exactly? you using CUCM or CME? Do you have access to CUCM or CME?
  6. the phones will get an ip address coz your switch will give it an IP address, from the switch, can you ping the CUCM?
  7. Zalas

    C3725 or 3745

    thanks for the help, got the c3725-ipvoice_ivs-mz.124-25c, and it works fine
  8. can somebody please tell me which IOS in the C3725 or 3745 family supports the gatekeeper command, i have downloaded so many but still no Gatekeeper command. Some1 told me i might need a license to enable GK on my router..... Please help
  9. Zalas

    Shift Call Manager

    really now, you must elaborate.... is it in a different state etc etc,
  10. in the CUCM CLI username : pwrecovery password : pwreset and make sure you have your CUCM dvd or image when doing this
  11. Zalas

    CCNA Voice start

    GNS3 is also very usefull when doing ur ccna voice, and get a softphone also,
  12. Zalas

    Call Manger 6 And 7

    Table 1. New Features in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1 IPv6 • IPv6 dual-stack support New Telephony Features • Abbreviated dialing enhancements • Drop any conference party from computer telephony integration (CTI)-enabled endpoint • Reverse callback • Simultaneous ring time-of-day access list PBX Interoperability and Migration • Q.SIG variant provisioning Directory • Support for Open Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Video • Support for H.235 and H.239 secure and extended video channels Simplified Administration and Upgrades • New IP phone migration tool • Cisco Data Migration Assistant (DMA) enhancements Servers • Support for next-generation Cisco MCS 7816, MCS 7825, and MCS 7828 Media Convergence Servers and software-only equivalents
  13. does anyone know when the books will be available to buy?
  14. HI I have a gns3 voice lab, not analog phones just 2 IP communicators running on 2 different Virtual Machines(XP), one of the phones is 5001 and the other is 7001, and they can call each other fine. But now i want to implement a translation rule, which is when someone dial 7... the number will come out as 9... etc etc. i have applied the rule to my dial peer, but whenever i call 7001, the number doesnt change.......