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  1. Please do not Duplicate post. THREAD CLOSED. Refer to the other thread: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=39230
  2. ouch

    Comparison Between Databases

    Man your statement is just tooooo broad and don't even know how to start. SO yah minafawzi's suggestion is the best for you to start with unless you narrow down to specific requirement.
  3. ouch

    Cissp.us - Top Security Certification

    No personal business ads please. TOPIC CLOSED.
  4. ouch

    My Site

    Sorry for the slow follow up whoiam55, i've been busy lately. Anyway just confirming that you can discuss your site development openly here. If you wish i could even move this to webdevelopment section. So howz the site progressing?
  5. ouch

    Diaaemad Is Blocked

    yes, as you said in one of your post, it is not your job to close your own post and not your job to report, the closure for this post was delayed. Nevertheless, it is now CLOSED.
  6. ouch

    My Site

    Hi whoiam55, It's a nice blog you got there. Wordpress rite? Neat layout too. Keep it up. ok, one thing tho, although nature of ur site seem quite harmless and alright to post...there may come many many others who might brough up their numerious published sites as well. I'm not so sure of the action on this hence i'm seeking opinion from others and will let you know on this. Anyway hey i like the neat style of urs
  7. ouch

    Happy Birthday Ouch

    Thanks Mehboob for noticing and everyone for kind wishes. Many Thanks.
  8. ouch


    As stated above we do not allow crack/sw requests here. For more info, please read FAQs. TOPIC CLOSED.
  9. ouch

    Google Talk

    I tried to merge the threads but givin me error hmmm. I'll just close this one and let the other one continue. Please refer to the http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35198 TOPIC CLOSED.
  10. Never get that problem for me but i did abit of checking out and seem to be iis permission proble. Something you can try: 1-Stop IIS 2-Stop ISS Admin from Services (optional- may require) 3-Run C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 aspnet_iis.exe /i 4-Start ISS Admin (optional -step 2) 5-Start ISS Check the following links to see same problem as urs or not. hxxp://www.mcse.ms/message1412636.html hxxp://codebetter.com/blogs/peter.van.ooijen/archive/2003/11/20/3796.aspx hxxp://angrycoder.com/view_message_thread.aspx?mid=10020&fid=15 hxxp://www.gotdotnet.ru/Forums/Web/76481.aspx (now who understand this? abit long discussion on the same issue goin on here i think. Dont ask me, i dont know a thing about what they saying there )
  11. Ok this one is duplicate post. CLOSING. Refer to other one here: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35180 Please do not multiple post. Thanks.
  12. ouch

    Where Is Sadikhov From

    I'm sorry? What's ASLPS?? If you want to know where members from and what sk mean etc, do abit of search in "Comment about SK" section or "Off-Topic" section. There are heaps of threads like that in the past.
  13. ouch

    Blog Question

    Ok, first of all please do not use caps. It sounded like shouting I dont understand why you want to implement that bloggin feature for every single employees. It's very unnecessary and ...yah not a good idea to have blog for all employee. The better idea is to have one blog for each department/section and give access to only that department. Dont know about maintaince though. Most of the blogs done in php but asp.net should have the same effect. I never created proper blog in asp.net but just blog like simple posting one so not much help from me. Revise your requirements and do abit of googling for require info. Goodluck.
  14. ouch

    App.config In Class Library

    May be your referencing is wrong. Check your references. application A should have reference to application B and not the other way round.
  15. ouch

    Suse 9 Problem

    Hi, You can close your own thread once been solved. Anyway, I'm CLOSING this as requested. Cheers.