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  1. sahni1982

    Passed CCIE -SP Lab in 1st attempt

    Congrates Sandeep on your Big Success.. From where you have appeared for the lab. I heard that devices in Lab in B'lore is responds slow as compared to other location. This cost your time eating only. I am planning to appear for lab from B'lore only. Is it something like that...??
  2. sahni1982

    Ios Command - Clear Screen

    I had a bad experience after enabling logging sync under console. It enables some bug into IOS due to which a telnet session shows time out. So take care of it if you are enabling logging sync.
  3. Hi sadhikovans.... I don't knw why I m facing this problem while installing dynamips since last couple of days.. my OS is win2000 with SP4 and 128MB of RAM. I have installed "dynagen-0.9.3_dynamips-0.2.7_Win_XP_setup" on my pc...I have installed winpcap 4.0 also. I have configurd loopback interface on machine also...but while running "Dynamips Server" from desktop shortcut I am getting this error message..... " ILT: Loaded table "mips64j" from cache ILT: loaded table " mips64e" from cache ILT: loaded table "ppc32j" from cache ILT: loaded table "ppc32e" from cache 4 [main] dynamips 1272 C:\Program Files\Dynamips\dynamips.exe: ***fatal error - couldn't dynamically determine load address for 'getaddrinfo' <OX75030000>, win32 error 127 Press any key to continue.... " I have download this binary "dynamips-0.2.8-RC2-cygwin" also....and replace the file "cygwin1.dll" and "dynamips-w2000.exe" and put them into the dynamips folder. still its showing the same error. I am trying to run the image "c3660-i-mz.122-46" of IOS.....and given the correct path in sample lab.net file for this image.... Please save me out of this head sucking prob and suggest a solution....... Inder CCNA aim: CCNP
  4. Hi varun, Thnx for sharing wonderfull resource... I was trying to installl it yesterday night. but din't get it successfully. I installed winpcap, and the patcher. I just want to confirm tht if sdm is also required to installl...I havn't installed tht and evn download tht.