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  1. Users in a company can send mail to all domains but can't send mails just to 1 particular domain Answer: 1. Security policy prevent access to that domain 2. The remote domain exchange server is down 3. Our Mail exchane IP address is blocked I'm not sure about the last answer I suggested. Could there be any other reasons as well. Thanks
  2. What are the daily responsibilities of a NOC engineer in ur domain
  3. madhan77

    Networking only

    Well said folks. Start with CCNA
  4. madhan77

    TSHOOT Test Tip - List of Layer 2 problems

    Nice post cheers
  5. madhan77

    telnet to router

    Hi It's not a very good option to enable telnet outside using any any. There is a fair chance that nat is preventing telnet request from being sent back to the inside network. Post ur config Try using ssh
  6. Hi Geeks I have been trying to understand what CSD is. I have an Asa and was thinking of deploying it for ssl VPN users. Not sure about the technical functionalities of it. I am assuming that it will act as a cache cleaner for ssl VPN users and clean their browser cache. Explain me more on the technical features of deploying CSD. Thanks
  7. madhan77

    Viewing Sadikhov on mobile devices

    Thanks for the reply admin. I wud like to c attached config files( attachments) and also pictures. I presume tapatalk has more advanced features than IP Board as most users recommend tapatalk.
  8. Dear Moderator, Can you install tapatalk for this forum so all the users can benefit from using mobile devices to contribute to this forum. thank you
  9. madhan77

    What routing protocol to use for small office

    thank you very much for clearing my doubt
  10. madhan77

    What routing protocol to use for small office

    Ok how will people from the internet know where my web server and email server r located. sorry to be naive but where is all the mapping of ip address to the domain name takes place. also one more thing that has been bothering me is the if i have an internal active directory inside the company, whats the point in having a dns server, if all i could do is just tell users to use the ip address of the server
  11. I am planning to start a new office. It will have a router connected to the isp.i will have an asa connecting to a web server and mail server in the dmz. the internal hosts are in inside network. I have 10 static ip's at the moment. My question is whether shud i be running any routing protocol on the router for advertising my web server to the internet. If we say bgp shud be run on the router, will there be any issue with asa, since asa doesnt support bgp as far as i know.
  12. madhan77

    ASA in GNS on win

    www.4shared.com/account/file/254512204/85f1c21e/run_ASA_in_GNS3_1_.html File invalid and removed. kindly provide new link members
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    My Cisco Study Notes

    only from www.cisco.com and if u have a cco account