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  1. Yeah i agree this thing is outdated now. I have updated the links.
  2. You can always close your own topic. Thanks for reminding, i will close it then.
  3. I have always used VMWARE for virtual machines. Maybe you should try making the virtual machine out of an iso image. You don't have to burn the image, just mount it in Daemon Tools or PowerISO. Also you can choose to mount the ISO image instead of the CD/DVD Drive in VMWARE. Making a virtual machine out of an iso is a lot faster and reasonable than making it out of the CD/DVD Drive. Try it.
  4. I request the mods to please close this topic. You know there are 100's of commands and we can't cover them all in a single post. I tried to cover as many as i could remember, ofcourse i forgot some of them, and i apologize for that. Thanks for reminding me.
  5. It looks nice, you should promote it on search engines too. That way you will earn more.
  6. Belated Happy Birthday buddy.
  7. Well i guess i am late, belated happy birthday brother. May you get all the certifications in the world
  8. Stop this rubbish guys, you are spoiling the i passed topic. This thread was made for people who wanted to share their experience, not for arguments.
  9. I don't know if i am worthy but maybe you can consider me too for Honorary member FS
  10. Happy Birthday Mark, how old are you now?
  11. I am waiting for Demon's i mean Damien's comments. Seems like he needs psychological help, maybe he is trying to prove that he has never used dumps. Dirizhor busted him. I don't understand whats the big hype about dumps, why people are ashamed of admitting that they use dumps, everybody does that, there isn't any single member on sadikhov that has never used dumps. Yet people pretend. All i would say is even if somebody uses dumps, that doesn't mean he is dumb. That's just a precaution. Better match up the technical skills of Indians than curse them.
  12. Happy Independence Day everybody
  13. C u in Sep buddy
  14. LOL.....modified for guys like you. By the way isn't it difficult to remember the names of those forums I am not joking kid, i have made bookmarks of them in firefox so i don't forget the names. But most of them are movie forums, mp3 forums etc. But I am a member of 7 technical forums with different usernames in all of them.
  15. I am not a smoker