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  1. rowlando

    Cacti and Nagios

    As for nagios, im afraid i will tell you the same thing. The simplest thing is to refer to the official documentation or just search for one of the numerous howtos on google.
  2. rowlando

    Cacti and Nagios

    Your best bet is to refer to the cacti documentation or howtos. It is pretty easy and you have a choice of doing it from the command line OR the nice gui http://www.cacti.net/downloads/docs/html/graph_howto.html
  3. There are many answers to this one. Which type of firewall/proxy if any are being used? You can of course configure all clients so any internet access is forced via proxy then use ACLs on the proxy.
  4. rowlando

    sendmail cluster on centos

    There are a few ways of doing this, but a good one is drbd + heartbeat see http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/9074?page=0,0 for one such example...
  5. rowlando

    what to look for in /var/log/ dmesg?

    Depends what the initial boot problem is, but normally, just typing dmesg is enough as the newest error(s) would be the last lines printed.
  6. rowlando

    using grep with vi

    grep -in string file - gives the line number of string vi +linenumber file - starts the edit at that exact line number
  7. rowlando

    Best way to test Samba

    smbclient -U <user> //ipaddress/directory
  8. rowlando

    RHCT / RHCE Lab (Correct Me if I'm Wrong)

    hello. Keeping in line with the NDA...... 1 . Either if both are still covered in the objectives. I say set up both in turn. 2. Either here too. You are asked to set up a mail server that does certain things. You can choose - up to you, but i say be familiar with BOTH. It is normally a pretty simple set up, nothing too complex...just get the server up and running, do not allow open relay and only allow xxxx hosts to be able to relay.... 3. This kernel is fine...doesnt matter too much. 4. Be familiar with kickstart if it is still covered in the objectives. Just make sure you can build a new host with kickstart. Not particularly hard seeing that any build creates a anaconda-ks.cfg which all you need to do is edit a few places and then ask a new install to reference this file for a fully automated install. Mainly be familiar with how to call a kickstart config file from a linux boot install prompt. 5. Boot cd / rescue mode 6. I dont recall the soundcard and mouse bit, but every exam is different. Refer to the objectives.
  9. rowlando

    Role of iptables in Redhat

    With the RHCE type of exam, it is the end result that counts not how you arrive there. Therefore you can change iptables rules in the GUI, on the command line, or even in /etc/sysconfig/iptables It really does not matter, as long as the rules do what they are supposed to. Best to set up a lab with some sample rules to get your head around iptables. Use a distro like centos with vmware server or Xen to get up and running.
  10. rowlando

    RHCT / RHCE Lab (Correct Me if I'm Wrong)

    looks fine to me...but then so what?? getting this right is not an exam objective. what exactly are you asking here??
  11. rowlando

    RHCE Exam related questions

    You dont have to know all the options in the man pages which is why they are available to you. How many questions? NDA I doubt you will ever be asked about a type of shell. The objective of these exams is to arrive at a solution for all the problems given....and NOT how you arrived at that solution Bottom line - learn your stuff And sit the RH300 if you can afford it.
  12. rowlando


    you can use whatever you like in the exam. remember...you install your system from scratch. it is the end results that matter and how you get there is totally up to you
  13. rowlando

    Network Interface Card Issue

    I dont know much about your cable modem, but..what sort of ports does it have? ethernet? usb?
  14. rowlando

    RHCT/RHCE self-study

    Sure....im happy to join...will pm you my msn
  15. rowlando

    RHCT/RHCE self-study

    Cool...it is the best way.....cos i can give you advice, but you will find even more just by reading..... Then you can make up your own mind...