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  1. Lord Flasheart

    Routing Issue

    Haha, isn't that always the case? No problems, we're here to help :-)
  2. Lord Flasheart

    Routing Issue

    Can you paste and output of "show run interface s0/1" on AR and "show run interface s0/0" on R4. In addition, and output of "show interface s0/1" on AR and "show interface s0/0" on R4.
  3. Lord Flasheart

    Routing Issue

    Hi, The line protocol is down which means Layer 2 isn't working. 1. Is one side PPP and the other HDLC? 2. Do you have PPP authentication? 3. Check clock rate
  4. Lord Flasheart

    Cisco in trouble

    A bit late in the day I know but Cisco is the only company to provide end-to-end networking. Sure, other vendors will gain strides in their own sectors (e.g. Juniper is SP space), but if you want an end-to-end solution you're probably going to go to a single vendor than mixing it up and having to manage a disparate estate. Plus you won't get the full benefits in a mixed vendor environment as most vendors push proprietary enhancements. IMHO the SP space is a pretty straightforward area. Shift data as quick as you can and as cheaply as you can. Let's see Juniper make inroads in the Enterprise then. QFabric vs Nexus/UC anyone?
  5. Lord Flasheart

    Data Center Subnet

    If you had 255 function types within a single site (probably VLANs) I would suggest you are being too granular.
  6. Lord Flasheart

    Internet Access‏

    As Mark says you need to provision a link into your DC which is the same MPLS VPN as your other sites. Your ASA should then be configured to allow through connections from your 5 sites and/or act as a VPN concentrator.
  7. Lord Flasheart

    Data Center Subnet

    IP addressing is an art. 10.site_number.function_number.device_number is a favourite
  8. Lord Flasheart

    Why do people make flawed networks

    I have a theory on this based on an internal network I had to experience last year that was as described a great big broadcast domain. 1. It has grown organically without review 2. It was put in and maintained by Layer 7 guys with little to no knowledge of networks
  9. Lord Flasheart

    Static DUAL WAN with fail over

  10. Lord Flasheart

    Hardest CCIP exam

    BGP has the greatest depth to it
  11. Lord Flasheart

    OSPF Load-Sharing

    Let's start by saying that you must use Area 0 in OSPF at the very least.
  12. Lord Flasheart

    Back-up route not showing

    Hi, show ip eigrp topology only shows successor and feasible successor routes. If you use "show ip eigrp topology all-links" you should see the missing routes in there.
  13. Lord Flasheart

    How much subnetting is there in the new ICND1?

    From an ISPs viewpoint we have a multitude of /52s which gives us 16 regional subnets from which we can further sub-divide into different functions (e.g. /126 for IPv6 point-to-point eBGP peering)
  14. Lord Flasheart

    How much subnetting is there in the new ICND1?

    Never, ever underestimate subnetting and the value of it. We're going to IPv6 soon as well and you'll have to work out subnetting in hex! No doubt about it that subnetting is the cornerstone of effective network design.
  15. Lord Flasheart

    Help needed for Cisco Kit

    I'm selling my lab, UK-based. Check out the details in the CCIE Lab forum and if you're interested PM me.