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    schtasks batch file

    i hv created one batch file to create a scheduled task which runs perfectly on windows7 machines but for windows xp it prompts for password. also if i use /ru and /rp it runs as that user and the task does not visible to the logged on user. i want to run it as logged on user without providing user password. pl help. thanks, bina
  2. hi, I want to prepare for the interview. i want some notes and study material for exchange 2k7, 2k10 and windows 2k8 server. Regards, Bina
  3. I have 10 different sites and one ADC(having a dns) deployed on each site. Out of 10 one particular ADC is giving problem.I have installed dns server on ADC. But it is not getting replicated with root domain controller. When tried to replicate forcefully by adsite.msc, It is giving error that RPC server not available and operation will not completed successfully. Also, I got error that RID Master not getting contacted. Check dns setttings.[/font]