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  1. ChancesD

    CCIE Lab Scoring

    I really would not worry about how many points you need, in the old days it used to be 80 not sure what it is now. if you score heavily in the core sections, L2/3 then you will give yourself a very good chance of passing.
  2. ChancesD

    Remote Power

    That's the one I used when I was doing my prep, very good for the money. There are better ones out there, but for the price this does the job. You can have it with a HTML front end or CLI via a telnet connection if you want.
  3. ChancesD

    Going to Thailand

    Well when you get a chance, perhaps you can pop out an d take some PICS....not Great mate, really good so far......I up around your neck of the woods not too long ago, but as you are where you did not contact you for a meet. But will do when you get back. Good luck, happy studying, just wish I had the same bloody motivation as you.
  4. ChancesD

    Going to Thailand

    Good report Mark, hope it works out for you. Once question, I daren't ask but I will, are there any LadyBoys out there like you see in the movies, or is it all a bloody hoax
  5. ChancesD

    Cisco in trouble

    I don't think they are in trouble in a cash sense, it's just as a business they are not happy with results quarter per quarter. The industry is still saturated with their products and that will remain for a long time yet. They can compete and are ahead on routers and switches, however on making the worlds fastest firewall, carrier class - they are nowhere near, and this is a huge opportunity missed I think. The cutbacks are just in line with what millions of other companies are doing, just that it's Cisco it gets more press. Cisco are not the most prolific payers in the industry so it's not that big a deal to the market, it's just a bid deal to those that will lose their jobs, which is a crying shame. It really is an awful thing that can happen.
  6. ChancesD


    The problem is the MTU size is different and this causing "Exstart/Exchange State" to remedy this you need the MTU ignore command. It's a classic, this one.
  7. What happened here? Where are the old boys?

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    2. talent pk

      talent pk

      u still look young Mark! just cut your white beard off.


    3. Be Quick Or Be Dead!

      Be Quick Or Be Dead!

      Welcome back David! Pleeease stay..

    4. Big Evil

      Big Evil

      Nice to see you mate.

  8. ChancesD


    Hi back. Hell no, one is enough. 2 really has no meaning or weight, at least to me.
  9. ChancesD


    That must be a first, Cisco giving away lab try's Looks like the numbers are also hitting 30k now! How fast.
  10. ChancesD

    world’s youngest Cisco Certified Network Associate

    Guaranteed Dumper!!!! No one can pass CCNA at 12. Guaranteed he has used P4S and Twatking.
  11. ChancesD

    CCIE freelancing

    Hi, My favourite subject. Work and Money Well, at the moment as you can probably guess jobs are few and far between and rates are lower than normal. Most agencies will tell you that if you have a contract, stick with it, however I feel there is money to be made from being freelance and I for one am willing to take the risk and ignore that advice. In the UK, London now is struggling and has truly been deflated due to the state of the financials as a whole. I here of contractors that were normally commanding 450-550GBP a day now willing to work for 275-300 just to keep the money coming in. Outside of London I think is more of a prospect, as all the City Banks are in the City - so to speak. What I have found in recent times is that the Managed Service market is the one to get into, it seems as these guys are the ones doing all the hiring for you to work on customer sites, in fact my last 3 contracts have been Managed Service, and 2 roles I am pursuing in January are also the same. The fact that you have an un-assigned number will make you very marketable to these guys as they can show you off to the client, and charge them more. I am the same boat as you, my number is free and a few companies now are wanting it - but I’m playing hard to get, naturally. To move forward what you need to do is get onto LinkedIn and track down a guy called Shaun Deacon, of Square One resourcing he is a CCIE recruitment specialist, he will give you a call once he gets your details and throw some opportunities your way all over the UK. Apart from that keep your up to date and sites you are using are the best for the UK, the market will look brighter come February I am sure and that's when Capitalism rules! Good luck!!
  12. I tell you one thing for free, despite the Danes having to pay silly amounts of taxation they are still the happiest people. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/5224306.stm
  13. ChancesD

    % Error in authentication.

    Your authentication is mashed. Either you have AAA turned on and no preference and types or you local password is jammed. You need to do a password recovery somehow, but this may be an issue with that range of switch as there are built in anti-hack mechanisms like no password-recovery.
  14. Where in UK are you? If South East then natuarally CCIE salaries are higher, or at lease have been till recently. I went for interview for a Network Archtect for one of the big consultanties 2 weeks ago and they were offering 60K + Car + benefits and that was in Birmingham, however with national travel to customer sites.
  15. Hi, Anyone here know a decent web designer? I have messing with pre-made templates, but just do not have the time or artistic flair to come up with something I like. I need my own site doing so basically looking for a 2 page site, advertising my Network Services, skills availability etc. Plus would like someone to design me a nice logo? I have a domain registered, so it's just a case of a professional design and then upload. Will pay for service of course, but please - I need it to look professional, so no Mickey mouse attempts please. PM if you want to earn so of the queens head.