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    Looking for HP Scanner

    Hi All, I am looking for a HP Scanner with ADF and Flatbed. I have selected two models as detailed below according to the budget. 1. HP Scanjet N6310 Document Flatbed Scanner (L2700A) 2. HP Scanjet N6350 Networked Document Flatbed Scanner (L2703A) Is anybody having experience on working the above two models. If so kindly share with me. Also please advise me which is the best model out of the above 2 models mentioned so that I can take a final decision. Kindly help. Thanks and Regards, Nucleus
  2. Hi all, We have a requirement to install a Secondary Domain Controller/Backup Domain Controller which should meet the following requirements. Presently we have a RACK SERVER (DELL PE-710 ) which is currently operating as a PRIMARY DOMAIN CONTROLLER/FILE SERVER/DB SERVER. The OS of the same is Genuine WINDOWS SERVER 2008 with SQL SERVER 2008 (GEUNINE) using as a BACK END for the Shared Application Software. In addition we are using TALLY ERP.9 and SHARED DATA FOLDERS in the Server. The proposed Server must be a backup Server Pointing towards the existing Server mentioned above. This server needs to be UP automatically in case of any issues with the existing server which will minimize the downtime and accordingly the users will not be effected due to the downtime. I hope the following tasks to be completed in the proposed server. a) AD from the existing DC to be synchronized to the proposed server (i.e any AD user added/ removed to be effected in the backup/secondary DC). SQL DB presently exists in the PRIMARY DC to be synchronized to the new server so that the copy of the UPDATED LIVE DB will be there in TWO SERVERS c) BACKUP of the existing DATA FOLDER which are updating on a daily basis to be backed up to the new proposed server as per the windows/third party backup software. d) The new server to be fixed in the existing RACK and UPS (Snapshots of the same detailing KVM etc. are attached for your reference). e) Presently we have an another server DELL T100 joined to the existing as a client, with the OS Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 Standard & SQL Server 2008 R2 using for another SHARED APPLICATION with SQL BACK END. Presently we have some issue with Storage Services of this server. The alert Log and status of the Virtual Disk are detailed in the below table. All the applications running in this server also to be shifted to the proposed Secondary/Backup and accordingly the access of the share folder to be provided to the selective AD user who are using the APPLICATION. Alert Log ID DATE & TIME CATEGORY DESCRITION 2057 Fri Oct 31 15:40:16 2014 Storage Service Virtual disk degraded: Virtual Disk 4 (Virtual Disk 4) Controller 0 (SAS 6/iR Adapter) 2048 Fri Oct 31 15:40:15 2014 Storage Service Device failed: Physical Disk 1:4 Controller 0, Connector 1 2048 Fri Oct 3115:40:15 2014 Storage Service Device failed: Physical Disk 1:4 Controller 0,Connec tor 1 1001 Fri Oct 3115:40:08 2014 Instrumentation Service Server Administrator startup complete 1008 Fri Oct 31 15:40:08 20 14 Instrumentation Service Systems Management Data Manager Started 1000 Fri Oct 31 15:40:07 2014 Instrumentation Service Server Administrator starting Physical Disks included in Virtual Disk 4 Status Name State Failure Predicted Tasks Bus Protocol Media Capacity Used Raid Disk Space Available RAID DISK SPACE Hot Spare Vendor ID x Physical Disk 1:4 Failed No No Tasks Available SATA HDD 698.12 GB 698.12 GB 0.00 GB NO ATA √ Physical Disk 1:5 Online No No Tasks Available SATA HDD 698.12 GB 698.12 GB 0.00 GB NO. ATA I kindly request you all to please revert with your expertise and advise for the suitable model of the server meeting the above requirements. Kind Regards, Nucleus
  3. Hi All, I am using WINDOWS SERVER 2008 Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Standard Edition in the server. I have created lot of AD users and joined to domain etc. I have forgot an active directory name with respect to ONE COMPUTER NAME. Could you please advise me how to find out AD user name from the Computer Name. Regards, Nucleous
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    Hi All, Is anybody can advise/give some clues to fix the below issue. Expecting a reply. Thanks and Regards, Nucleus
  5. Hi all, Is anybody can help me to resolve the below issue. I have a PC with OS WIN XP SP3 which is having Profiles Administrator and Limited Users Access. Please note that this LIMITED USER profile is common profile which needs to access by multiple users. Now the issue is that some users who are accessing Limited User Profile are fiddling with Password Option of the Limited User access and this is effecting the other users who are using the same Limited User Profile. Further I have checked the option START-->CONTROL PANEL-->USERS ACCOUNTS and observed that the below options are available in the LIMITED USER PROFILE. But I am unable to deactivate these from the same profile. 1. Change my password 2. Remove My Password 3. Change my pic 4. Setup my account to use a.net passowrd I request you to kindly send us the steps/procedures to deactivate/remove these options from the LIMITED ACCESS profile, so that nobody can play around with the password options. Await all of your valuable guidance. Thanks and Regards, Nucleus
  6. nucleus

    Windows 2008 Certifications

    Hi All, I am a IT PROFESSIONAL having experience more than 13 years, presently working as a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR. I have experience starting working from the NETWORKING OS WINDOWS NT-->WIN2K-->WINDOWS 2003 and also client os from WIN 98-->WINDOWS XP SP3-->WINDOWS VISTA. With some reasons I was unable to QUALIFY/CERTIFY MS WINDOWS CERTIFICATIONS during these periods. But presently I am thinking that I badly need the MS certifications. So I am thinking to qualify WINDOWS 2008 CERTIFICATIONS with an effective schedule and deadlines. While going through the MS SITE, I was little bit confused to get a correct path. But the way how I understood is detailed below. FIRST STEP IS TO QUALIFY MCSA in WINDOWS 2003 then upgrade to WINDOWS 2008 CERTIFICATIONS. To obtain MCSA I would like to qualify I understood that to CERTIFY BELOW EXAMS NETWORKING EXAMS: 1. 70-290 - Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment 2. 70-291 - Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure CLIENT OS: 1. 70-680 - TS: Windows 7, Configuring ELECTIVE EXAMS: 1. 70-236 - TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuring THEN TO UPGRADE TO ACHIEVE WINDOWS 2008 CERTIFICATIONS. As I understood that the exam 70-680 (MCTS) Windows 7-Configuring will count as a credit towards exams MCITP, I would like to attempt FIRST on that exam. Could you please advise whether I can attempt MCTS alone. I hope once I qualify MCTS I can a seperate certification like MCP. Also please advise once I qualifies MCTS is there any other path to achieve WINDOWS 2008 CERTIFICATION i.e by avoiding the exams (70-290,291,70-236) whether I can jump directily to WINDOWS 2008 EXAMS. Expecting all of your valuable guidance on the above so that I can start preperation of exams. Thanks and Regards, Nuclueus
  7. Hi all, IS ANYBODY CAN GUIDE/ADVISE ME ON THE BELOW QUERRY Presently I am using ONE DOMAIN SERVER installed with WIN2K,ACTIVE DIRECTORY AND SQL-7 as a back end. So during the critical situations i.e in case of failure of existing domain server at the moment I don't have any alternative server to change over immediately. So I am planing to inroduce new servers as detailed below. During expansion I am planning to introduce 3 servers viz. 1)Domain Controller 2) SQL-DATABASE SERVER 3) BACKUP SERVER So Kindly advise DOMAIN SERVER: 1) Is it possible to Migrate Active Directory from the existing WIN2K domain to the proposed MAIN DOMAIN CONTROLLER. OS in the proposed main domain controller will be WINDOWS 2003 OR WINDOWS 2008-Kindly advise the procedures. DATABASE SERVER: 2) a) Could you please advise what are the advantages if we introduce SQL-DATABASE SERVER seperately in the network. The main outcome what I am looking for is SQL DATABASE REPLICATION. So is anybody can tell me what is mean by SQL REPLICATION and what are its advantages. Note: The intention of the replication what I am looking forward is in case of failure of the Database Server, data base must be accessible through the BACKUP SERVER, so that I can reinstate the NEW SERVER with the minimum amount of time. 3) BACKUP DOMAIN CONTROLLER a) Can we replicate Active Directory from the Proposed DC to the Proposed Backup DC Can we replicate the SQL DATA BASE from DATA BASE SERVER TO BACKUP DC Note: The outcome what I am expecting is in case of failure of Domain Controller/Database Server all the data should be in the BACKUP SERVER and we must be able execute the same from the same server. If anybody having experience in the seting up the same kind of SERVERS/networking as detailed above kindly share your experience or advise accordingly so that I can finalise my plans. EXPECTING ALL OF YOUR VALUABLE GUIDANCE/ADVISE ON THE ABOVE.
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    There are no issues reported so far neither with database nor with the network like loging from the clients/writing data to the database. As the description of the Log was mentioned that "The User Data Could not be saved", so far not received any complaints from the users that the data is not saved. Till now only one record/log reflected in the "Application Log" with event ID:203 within last 19 hours. If the event ID is 203, normally which LICENSE SERVICE will be having issue. I am not able to judge whether is it with WINDOWS OR SQL as the SOURCE is "LicenseService" only. SO KINDLY ADVISE WHETHER I HAVE TO BE CAUTIONED WITH THIS ERROR?, WHAT KIND OF PRECAUTION TO BE TAKEN? OR IS IT IGNORABLE?. KINDLY ADVISE.
  9. nucleus


    HI ALL, Need a Help Please………………….. We are using a WINDOWS 2000 ADVANCE SERVER (Version:Windows 2000, Service Pack 4) with Windows XP SP3/SP2 clients (The total no. of computers are 83 clients as per Active DirectoryComputers and Users, out of that we have around 50 active clients, rest of the computer names exits in the AD, but Physically removed from the NETWORK). Please note that this server we were using for the last 4 years. The present issue is that now EVENT VIEWER started to show Event ID:203, Source:LicenseService under the Application Log. The main application running in the SERVER is MS SQL SERVER 7.0 AS BACKEND, in addition to the WINDOWS SERVER. So as per the LOG EVENT, I am not able to judge through which LICENSING SERVICE the error is occurring. Is anybody can advise me what could be the reason for this? And how to fix/solve the issue? EXPECTING AN EARLY RESPONSE ASAP. Thanks and Regards, Nucleus
  10. nucleus

    MS PROJECT 2003 & 2007

  11. nucleus

    MS PROJECT 2003 & 2007

    Hi all, I have requirement to Prepare documents in MS PROJECT (2003 OR 2007). Please note that I am very new to MS PROJECT OPERATIONS. If anybody is having experience in working with MS PROJECT, could you please share with me. Also is anybody can guide me to do a self study on the same. Thanks and Regards, Nucleaus
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    Hi All, I have bought a SONY LAPTOP MODEL (SONY VGN-CR35G/T) on 29th May'2008. Now its reaching 1 year 3 months. Performance wise this model I am satisfied. But unfortunately its started show corrosion/removal of the original painting at the bottom of the LCD PANEL (i.e just below the “SONY LOGO”) and near the touch pad and also the removal of original silver coating on the front body (i.e near the “CR LOGO”) This really making me afraid as this is a costly laptop and I am also afraid that if the scartches/corosion started to spread all of the silver body what could the solution?. Also note that the more corosion/scratches is started to show in a place where the fingures are not touched regualry (i.e just below the lcd panel). EXPECTING ALL OF YOUR VALUABLE GUIDANCE/ADVICE TO PROCEED.
  14. Hi all, Is anybody can help me to fix the below issue "In the WIN2K3 server I am getting a popup that the system have a IP CONFILCT with other system. Further on the above issue on verifying the EVENT ID:4199, Source:Tcpip and the description "The system detected an address conflict for IP address with the system having network address, the system have a IP conflict with another system. Now I need to find out the COMPUTER NAME by which the same IP address is getting conflicted so that I trace the system and remove/change/troubleshoot on the same pc. Further I have tried the procedures as per the link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/164903, but still I am not able to trace the COMPUTER NAME by which IP ADDRESS IS GETING CONFLICTED. So I request all of you to advice for procedures to trace the DUPLICATE IP with respect to COMPUTER NAME in the network.
  15. Hi all, We are using Hi-Speed internet connection in all the systems our office. Recently some PC's was suspected to infected with VIRUS/SPAM issues. So I would like to do the NETWORK AUDIT in our network. So is anybody can advise me what are the procedures to be done in the process "NETWORK AUDIT"?.