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  1. Hi, Thank you for the link. The website tells of ways to suppress the message by automatically allowing the autodiscover feature to be set. However, in the situation I am in, the autodiscover pop-up itself seems bogus and allowing thus is not an option for me.
  2. Hi all, Some of the users in our network are getting Autodiscover prompts from suspicious domain names. This started after we migrated from our Internal exchange server to a centrally managed server (in head office) connecting via Outlook Anywhere. Even though we have stopped using the old exchange server it is still in network (for some back up use). Could that be causing this issue? Is that server infected? Have any of you seen this before? The most suspicious thing about this autodiscover prompt is that the domain part in the autodiscover URL keep changing. Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007. Thank you..
  3. Phew!! resolution atlast... After trying out a lot of hi-tech stuff, a simple addition in the form of a Ghost.exe switch worked!! I used ghost.exe -noide and this time it did not hang.. A bit more here.. Problem caused by- 1) The bootable CD had OAKCDROM.sys, which works only for IDE CD drives. Added gcdrom.sys (for SATA) and made necessary changes in Autoexec.bat and config.sys. 2) Still it did not run Ghost, may be it was trying to access the HDD using IDE again!. So used the switch -noide to suppress that. (atleast thats what I think, did the trick) Thanks anyways...Bluefin.. -TechThaha
  4. an update: It works when I boot with a Bootable MS DOS floppy and then access Ghost executable on a floppy drive (which is on a separate floppy disk and inserted to the drive after it comp. boots to prompt.). TechThaha
  5. Hi, I have seen that in the share permissions property of a shared folder the field 'Select this object type' is where we normally give object type as 'Users or Groups'. Instead, click on 'Object Types' button un-check everything except 'Computers', choose the computers you want (cafeteria comps.) and specify 'deny' for all folders except 'Sales' Just give it a try.. TechThaha
  6. Hi, My previous company used a software called JFFNMS, Just For Fun Network Management System eventhough it says Just for Fun I found it to have some serious looking Graphs... (coz I was not using it.. our network team was..) and its open source. Regards, TechThaha
  7. Hi, We have a new Desktop (Acer Veriton M265) and I have installed Windows XP on to it and has taken a Ghost image of the HDD (by connecting the HDD to a different desktop and doing a Disc-to-Image). But now when I boot with a bootable Ghost CD it hangs just after it shows the (Blue-ish) main page of Norton Ghost. Ihave also tried with -FNI -FNX switches but still does not work. Norton Ghost does not load-up completely and I have used different versions like 8, 8.3 and 11.5 of Ghost. I cannot remove HDD from all desktops as there is 'Warranty Void' sticker, so need to burn the images to a DVD along with Ghost executable and do a DVD to Disc cloning. Details of the desktop. Make and Model: Acer Veriton M265 Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7600 (3MB L2 Cache, 3.06GHz, 1066MHz FSB), 3GB (2/1) DDR2 SDRAM, 320GB SATA hard drive, Super-Multi drive, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100, gigabit LAN Please help me.. Basically , want to push image to the disc from a Ghost bootable DVD with Image file. Problem is Ghost does not come up for some reason..
  8. techthaha

    explorer.exe not loading

    Thank You BlueFin.. Repairing (in-place re-installation) did the trick... Didn't come to my mind at all... But why?, is a big question though. Anyway of finding out? TechThaha
  9. techthaha

    explorer.exe not loading

    Thank you for the reply....Nop.. Even booting into safe mode doesn't give any better results. Still a blank screen. MyDoom????
  10. techthaha

    editing etc\hosts not working

    Hi, I have used "nbtstat -R" (capital letter R) command to reload the WINS table. But this is works in Ping, Browsers etc. when a hostname cannot be resolved. From what I understand, nslookup doesn't refer hosts file for name resolution and instead it shows the DNS server that you are using and you can use various commands to query against the DNS server(s). Regards, TechThaha
  11. Hi, It started with a laptop and now we have half a dozen with this issue. Computer boots to the Security Dialog box, takes in User Name and Password shows the default status messages and instead of coming up with the desktop icons and taskbar the screen stays blank (or with only the background image). Responds to Ctrl+Alt+Del and when I check 'processes' tab it has no 'explorer.exe' in that. With the 'new task' option I can open command prompt etc. but not System Restore. Also, tried copying explorer.exe from a different computer of same make and model; still no luck. (Aso tried 'explorer.exe' from 'New Task' but other than a temporary hike in the 'CPU Usage time' indicator nothing else happens). Details of the computer: Laptop Windows XP SP2 and SP3 (4 are SP2 and 2 Sp3) Anti-Virus definitions are OK. ? ? ? TechThaha
  12. techthaha

    problem in microsoft office

    Go to Regional Settings in Ctrl Panel -> Languages (Tab) -> Select the check box for "Install complex script and right-to-left....." and click on Apply. This will start an installation -> When done -> Click on Details (button) -> Click "Add" -> Select Arabic (xxxxx) as the input Language -> and choose the Keyboard Layout you want... TY
  13. techthaha

    Free SNMP

    NINO project on sourceforge.net Its free has got a Node Map feature, HostMeter etc... easy to configure (if you read the getting started guide) TY
  14. Wireless driver getting corrupt on abrupt shutdown???? - > Having the latest wireless device drivers? Or I have seen in some laptop models there's a hot key combination (Fn + F9 etc..) to switch between Bluetooth and WLAN. (Getting reset to bluetooth when you boot the laptop back?) TY
  15. techthaha

    VPN connection

    I guess..Yes you can VPN to your friend's server provided.. 1) Your friend's server has got some VPN server running and 2) Your network allows VPN connections (ie, not blocked VPN traffic using proxy server (which might be running in your office server) TY