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  1. shekhar_042

    OCP 12C Certification

    Has anybody appeared for Oracle 12C OCP upgrade exam 1Z0-067 please recently? Any materials that you suggest ?
  2. shekhar_042

    OCP 11g

    Anybody appeared for OCP 1z0-053 exam in India? How many questions are there and what is the time alotted please? Which guide/book/notes do you recommend?
  3. shekhar_042

    OCP 11G Exam

    Has anybody appeared for Oracle OCP 11G exam 1z0-053 recently please? I need some guidance in preparation for the exam..
  4. shekhar_042

    OCP exam 1z0-053

    Has anybody given the OCP exam 1z0-053 recently? any book you would recommend which would help me pass the exam
  5. Let me know WHICH ANSWERS are CORRECT: 1. You set the recovery window to 7 days and backup optimization to on using the configure command of RMAN. The most recent backup of the Tools tablespace to disk was taken on Jan 3. The Tools tablespace is read only. On Feb,21, when you execute a command to backup all the tablespaces to disk, you find that RMAN backsup Tools tablspace also even though the contents of the tools tablespace have not changed after the backup on Jan 3. Because there are no changes made to the tools tablespace, you decide that the tablespace should not be backedup by RMAN. WHAT can you do to skip backing up the Tools tablespace without changing the current backup optimization setting? A. Configure a default device for RMAN backups B. Temporary disable the retention policy for RMAN backups C. Configure automatic channel allocation for RMAN backups. D. Use the CONFIGURE command to reconfigure the Recovery Window to 60 days. As per AT, the correct answer is D As Per P4S, the correct answer is B. 2.Using Oracle Scheduler you have TWO jobs, JOB_A and JOB_B to run at 9pm every Friday. You want both the jobs to use a single resource plan, WEEKEND_PLAN. Which task must have already been performed to enable you to achieve this objective? A. A Window must have been created with the WEEKEND_PLAN Resource Plan B. A Program must have been created with the WEEKEND_PLAN Resource Plan C. A Job Class must have been created with the WEEKEND_PLAN Resource Plan D. A Window Group must have been created with the WEEKEND_PLAN Resource Plan As Per AT correct Answer is C As Per P4S Correct answer is A 3.You want to use the Sql Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations for badly written SQL statements in your development environment. What three sources can you select for the advisor to analyse? ( Choose three) A Top Sql B Snapshots C Sql Tuning Sets D Index Access Path E Optimizer Statistics F Materialized View Logs As Per AT , Correct answer is A, C, D As Per P4S, Correct answer is A, B, C
  6. shekhar_042

    Ocp Sybex New Version >= 2006

    I am appearing for 1z0-043 exam very soon as well...I think you should use the Sybex book only for the Q&A's using the review questions.. It does not matter which version of the book you are using.... Any other Prep material you are using for 1z0-043?