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  1. ~passed~ 70-620

    Consolidated Passed 70-620 Topic DO NOT REQUEST DUMPS, WHICH VERSION, OR REPLY TO THEM HERE. SUCH POSTS WILL BE DELETED Moderator's Note: Following details are recommended to post: 1. Material used (no reference to dumps), examples include: Books from Cisco Press or Sybex, Videos, Classes you attended, Instructors or Mentors, etc. 2. Learning Plan (your own story) 3. Suggestions for members Additionally, you may add following details to your post: 1. That you've passed (successfully or unsuccessfully) 2. Your score (example may look like this: 700/1000) 3. The time you had been given for the exam (not the time you personally took to pass it!) 4. Number of questions 5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice) 6. Your personal exam experience Your posts must not include: 1. Any references to dumping material of any origin 2. Requests and offers of any kind 3. Unnecessary comments like: "Thanks", "Congrats", and similar 4. live links 5. Quotes of other members. (We want your own story.) Violators: 1. Violations will be given warnings. 2. Three strikes and you will not be allowed to post here for 30-days. Chances are you worked hard and studied for months for your certification. Let's give everyone else the opportunity to earn their own integrity and dignity just like we did. Thank you for your co-operation. Pass 935/1000 today. Forgot to add with practise on Vista itself would help.
  2. ~passed~ 70-298

    pass yesterday as well... am in singapore and no longer has 070-640 but replace with 083-640.. so took in malaysia 070-640. no much experience with 2003 and studied Pass4Sure.70-640.by.Hazem.hafez.84 and ms self-paced training kit
  3. ~passed~ 70-298

    In Singapore Just pass my first MCP with 984/1000 score. Material used: TK v37 TK v39 P4S VCE Total 50 qn with passing mark of 700. All questions from TK and VCE. Now to the next paper.