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  1. hello people, i would like to know few things concerning the application of jobs in the I.T sector especialy when we r students n just passed our mcse... i recently got a fone call from an agency who has a job offer in scotland, glasgow... i thk the reason why they contacted me is coz i have done my mcsa 2000 and recently mcse 2003.. and when i posted my cv on to the job webpage, i put the title as Trainee I.T Administrator.. But infact i havent got loads of experience but i do want to get more experience as well be practical.. i would like u on your side to guide me with the preparation, 1. how to apply when a company or agency calls you n telling u that they got a job offer outside london... 2. what are the specific thins to ask, discuss when applying such jobs .. 3. do companies offer place to stay when going abroad to work. etc.. 4. supose a company accepts a student whats's the procedure as that student is only on student visa an the job offer is a 12month contract n permanent... i am in that situation where when applyg 4 jobs most calls are from permanent jobs that i hardly can accept. most friends do encourage me to apply 4 those jobs but thking of my visa.. i am lost.. thanx nadjmal
  2. hi everyone, i would like to upgrade my mcse 2003 to mcse 2008 but i cant find any proper training book for that.. any1 has any clue by the way, there is a cetification of mcsa 2003 to mcsa 2008 ,, is it important to do that also even i am planning to upgrade my mcse 2003 to 2008 plz guide me ... thanx
  3. hi every1, i've just earned my mcse 2003 n now i feel like studying more.. i would love to try the server 2008 but i dunno wat to stud n where to start can any1 guide me plz..... i know its interestg n few companies ask 4 that thanx nadjmal
  4. nadjmal29

    how to score maximum marks in 298

    hi how to score maximum marks in 298
  5. nadjmal29

    ~passed~ 70-298

    hi mates, i have to prepare for the vista exam, i dunno which paper u recommend me to study.. would u mind telling me plz.. one more thg i just learnt is once some1 has sat for their 270,290,291 and 620 the become mcsa 2003 is that true..?? has anythg changed in the vista exam.. am looking for the vista testout program but i cant find it.. nadj