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  1. Too much of work... trying to get some time out...

  2. The Dirizhor

    My career, my rules

    Amazing Post Darby, I honestly couldn't have come up with anything like that!
  3. Caught up in two high priority deals. I might be a little too occupied. Couldn't write the Career article today, will try to finish off before the weekend

  4. The Dirizhor

    My career, my rules

    @Faisal, done as requested. I'll continue to do for the rest of the poll items as well. However if you or rest of the members seriously require any other items you'd like me to write about, I can give it a shot.. -D
  5. Jonathanus, Stop bumping old topics mate..
  6. The Dirizhor

    Fast Tracking PMP

    Strategy 3: Find the processes in the interlock between each Knowledge Area and Process group
  7. The Dirizhor

    My career, my rules

    Where do I start my career- Startup or a massive giant? Life out of college/ school sounds too early in life to chase our dreams ? I wouldn't think so. We start chasing our dreams when we want to start. Finding THAT ideal dream job with a corporation may at times get a wee bit hard to find, not impossible. You'd have a structured team with well defined process and procedures. Our ability to innovate or be creative in change will take its own time in a corporate world. Unlike startups where you have ownership and are more open to change as everyone there in a start-up is trying to make it work at the same time proving themselves. Start ups won't pay big, but the experience you gain working for a startup is unmatchable. It is easy to make a buck with a corporate, have a party every weekend and sit down to scratch your head after 3-4 years to realise your dream and the career don't really match and you want to undo and get back to chasing your dream. Remember both startups and corporations have their negatives and positives. Analyse the options you have in hand. Startups mean high risk and high return. Corporate is, I'd not say low but, medium risk and medium returns. You may not be able to define your career the first day out of college, but you should be able to say where you'd like to be after 3 years, after 6 years and even after 9 years. Have short term and long term goals. Start consulting a much more experienced person to see how you can align your short term and long term goals. Your trusted professor can be a good start. You can ask your dad's friend too. No harm done in asking around to be sure of what you are doing or you have Sadikhov always to come and ask almost anything about IT, Certifications and Career. Should I quit my job from the corporate I'm in and find a startup ? Not really, no. If you are already in a job, learn the traits of the job. Observer how well the structure and process works and where exactly does it break. Most corporations have everything built by its earlier employees and if they haven't revised, the processes would be old and even obsolete. Your ability to develop a horizontal skill knowledge base from a corporate and later working for a startup will also deem fruitful. You might have solutions to some problems a start-up might have if not all. You are more dedicated to a smaller part of the business in corporate. In startups you end up doing more than just your part of the job as required in the company. Work at least once in a startup in your career. It will definitely be benefitting experience. Here are some articles from the web. I've only taken the latest (2011 or 2010) to ensure it helps all of us Market Trend in America: http://smallbiztrends.com/2011/05/few-americans-work-in-startups.html Article 1: http://learntoduck.com/startups/startup-life.corporate-life Article 2: http://blog.startuproots.org/interning-at-a-startup-vs-a-big-corporation-5 Discussion in Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/startups-small-businesses/starting-up/STR_STP/68314-3282716 -D
  8. The Dirizhor

    EMC - Training and equipment use opportunity

    Folks, phew, you got to understand that posting emails ids publicly is an open invitation to spam mails. Btw, this is an old thread and this is the only post emceducation and he was last active in Aug'10.
  9. The Dirizhor

    Hey! I'm new here :)

    Welcome aboard mate. Just the wrong section to create introduction topic though. Read the FAQs and Rules once if you won't mind.. Cheers
  10. I was sitting and creating a really big post, and at a very abrupt hand movement to grab my coffee, I pressed a couple of keys ending up closing my browser and lost the whole post. Feel stupid that I didn't copy it into a notepad like I used to 2 years back. Question I have is- does the forum provide an option to autosave- topics or posts ? - D
  11. The Dirizhor

    O'Reilly School of Technology Certification Programs

    Technically, this is advertising, but given the fact, that you've been able to say it upfront that you are re-posting, I don't think I'll report this one. And thanks for the share.
  12. The Dirizhor

    Fast Tracking PMP

    @raheem, Do well.. Do post your experience after taking your exam
  13. The Dirizhor

    Fast Tracking PMP

    Today's topics: 5 process groups Initiating Planning Executing Controlling and Monitoring Closing 9 knowledge areas Integration Scope Time Cost Quality HR Communications Risk Procurement Strategy 1: How do the 5 processes groups and 9 Knowledge areas interweave to produce 42 processes Strategy 2: Create a mind map of processes for each Process group/ Knowledge area interlock
  14. The Dirizhor

    [offer] vmware training

    @martinlo, I'm hoping this is not a copyrighted training material. @ Mods, HMs, would it be appropriate to ask posters to share some details along with the links so we will know what is being shared? My2cents
  15. The Dirizhor

    My career, my rules

    Great, that is a start. Now the plan is that I'll keep the poll open for a couple of more days, will wait for more votes and choose the most required item and go in that order....