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  1. Suse 9 Problem

    hi, problem solved after deletion of the _db.00 files in /usr/lib/rpm. thks
  2. Hi all, I had a problem in SUSE 9 now...when I do a rpm query/installation/erase it just hang there. And when I check the process is still running and taking up CPU. If I do a ps -ef | grep rpm this is what i got root 18477 1 0 Aug02 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/rpm/rpmq -q tomcat root 18592 1 0 Aug02 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/rpm/rpmq -q --all root 21514 1 0 Aug03 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/rpm/rpmq -q --all Anyone have this problem also and how u resolve it?? thanks.
  3. Linux Backup

    thks all for the advise...i had get it done with some scripting. mod pls kindly close this thread. THKS
  4. seem like alot of questions being asked... i think u need to be more specific in your problem in order for us to help u. for instance- the tcp/ip configuration, wat r the setting on the 2003 server, any firewall etc
  5. Force Download Of Excel File

    duser2k3.... thks for the effort...i also did a search on the google n found some suggestion..and also tot that it wont able to do it in html. think i will try some scripting to achieve it. again appreciate your help/ thks
  6. Force Download Of Excel File

    first thks all for the help..... maybe i did not get it clear to all in the first place... i have a intranet where user access to download excel file and it was done in html. however, i cant get it to download when they click on it. It just open up excel application in the browser which i dun want it to happen. hope it does clear the air..... ps : duser2k3 i dun always able to get into the net that's y i didnt have a chance to get back. thks again
  7. i need to force the download of excel file in html instead of opening it in the browser whenever the user click on the hyperlink..... anyone done it before pls advise..... thks
  8. try installing netbeui/netbios
  9. Slow Performance

    what lotus client version u having?
  10. Virus Details

    i think u need to be more specific in order for us to help u.....
  11. i agreed...get a pc n work on it! u cant juz base of book or video to learn..
  12. juz for those that dunno...SUSE Linux is from Novell
  13. did u check ur iptable?? it may block acccess into linux
  14. i actually do it in out common surfing machine for our staff... havent have time to play with a Mac machine...maybe soon....
  15. Oracle Database

    thks!!! i appreciate that.