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    Conflicker (Downadup)

    BitDefender have produced a site specifically for this www.bdtools.com it includes info re the worm, removal tools for both single machines and networked ones.
  2. Dahuge

    Seeking Suggetion for Best Anti virus software

    Firstly, Do not use trend - as it is woeful. Bitdefender is very good at present, so is AVira and Avast. For all it's fault symantec have gotten back on track and have a quality solution at present. Look at www.av-comparatives.org it is an independaent testing site - very god to be honest. PErsoanlly I would go with BitDefender their corporate version 3 is very good, low resources, easy to deploy and manage and extremely well priced.
  3. Dahuge

    Which Is Your Favourite Football Club

    there is only 1 football team and that is the most successful club in the HIstory of English Football LIVERPOOL FC - Forever Emulated, Never Bettered 18-5