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  1. Andy_Capp

    What's The Best Pc Help Site You Know Of?

    www.techsupportforum.com ... great bunch of guys & gals doing great work helping people to try & fix their hardware problems .. been visiting that site almost daily since 2006 .. another site that I visit frequently that has a vast knowledge base for the troubled computer user is http://www.tnthelpforum.com many articles can be found on both sites, new members & new questions always welcome.
  2. Andy_Capp

    Re-Occuring Problem on my PC

    Previous state only works after power loss, so while it is a possibility, it's unlikely .. I have seen this problem on couple of PC's and in all cases the power supply was at fault with "failing" capacitors (bulged or domed topped). It's not the ideal place for a novice to go looking since there can be lethal charge on the power supply smoothing capacitors and it is NOT ADVISABLE to open unless you are experienced at mains voltage repairs or a professional with the necessary training to tackle such a job. Far better to swap it out to prove it's the supply and then get it repaired by someone who knows what they are doing.
  3. Andy_Capp

    Re-Occuring Problem on my PC

    I have seen this problem on another computer .. it's most likely your Computer power supply .. borrow one as good as or better than the one in your Computer and check it out. Also check your motherboard for faulty "domed topped" capacitors.
  4. Andy_Capp

    AMD Heat Problem

    Anyone confused .. SMPS means Switched Mode Power Supply .. I assume he means his PSU or Power Supply Unit.
  5. Andy_Capp

    PC hardware: PC will not start

    internal ie inside the can, heat build up due to the fact that the capacitor is working hard trying t maintain a stable voltage on your voltage rail. As the voltage from the supply rail drop the capacitor gives current to boost the voltage (until the capacitor has the same voltage as the supply rail) and when the rail goes up in voltage, the capacitor recharges .. so the capacitors is constantly working .. if you ever studied the subject you will remember that work = heat .. work too hard & you overheat! In a capacitor there is an electrolyte which is liquid .. as it overheats it forces the liquid to gas. The gas expands and the pressure formed domes the capacitors. Suggest you do a search on the Internet for "domed capacitors" it's a known problem for more than 10 years It makes no difference if your offices are Air conditioned. The PC is in a box that acts like a thermal barrier ..
  6. Andy_Capp

    HDD Formatted / to be unformformated

    NEVER try to recover to the same drive that has gone faulty or been formetted, with the exception of using TESTDISK ( hxxp://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk ) it's free and can recover formatted drives / partitions .. read the instructions on the site and go carefully .. otherwise recover your files to ANOTHER drive .. if you try to recover to the same drive you will end up overwriting details you want to recover .. and then you will have nothing
  7. Andy_Capp

    USB not recognised

    1st try out your flash memory on another computer and ensure that it is functional .. hopefully you have not been infected with a virus that has caused you problems. When you are sure that it is functioning then also ensure that it is formatted in NTFS or FAT32 for your XP PC to recognise it.
  8. Andy_Capp

    CD's Working but not DVD's?

    If you have done everything that the guys say above then it's time to borrow a DVD reader / writer from a friend and see if that works in your PC .. if it does then I suggest that you replace your old drive with a new one .. they really are quite cheap these days .. unfortunately you may not live in a country where that might be true, however there is not a lot than can be done to a faulty drive.
  9. Andy_Capp

    PC hardware: PC will not start

    I'd start by looking at the motherboard for domed capacitors, the electrolytic type .. after a few years use they tend to have an end of life crisis. If you see nothing untoward with the motherboard try borrowing a power supply and see if your problem is there. Just unplug all the leads from the old PSU and hang the other one on the surface outside, only require initially to plug in the P4 plug & the 20/24 pin power supply plug to the mainboard. If that appears to allow it to work then add slowly all other power leads (power off first !!) and see if it continues working. Power supply should be from a quality manufacturer and as good as if not better than the one installed now.
  10. Andy_Capp


    if you're good at analysis check out the link at the bottom of my signature for some practice
  11. Andy_Capp

    simple routing question

    I think you'll find that since the gateway is on a known path with a static route to the "far end" your ping will always succeed.
  12. Andy_Capp

    what is it

    to view the exe file you'll need a hex editor to revert it back to it's basic instructions you'll need a disassembler. I cannot understand why you might want to do this, normally one would learn how to write and then compile/assemble a program before trying to dissect it.
  13. Andy_Capp

    A few queries before BCMSN exam...

    Rephrase the question and open new topic. If it looks like a dump question and not a question asking for advice .. we will start all over again! Dumps are not allowed .. please keep that in mind. Closing
  14. Andy_Capp

    Web site access on 13/04/2010

    I wondered what was happening .. Thanks for letting us know. One of the worst things when this type of thing happens is not being able to contact anyone to see if it's local or global.
  15. Andy_Capp

    BGP 642-661

    thanks sunfish .. for the update & restoring the posts