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  1. Ford Mustang

    A big change is going on :)

    Good Luck in your future job dude. Great to here that. All the best. Ciao
  2. Am back again buddies...

  3. Ford Mustang

    You may be a victim of software counterfeiting

    Yep as raaki said just turn off Automatic Updates from your control panel and also don't check the show warnings for automatic updates... Control Panel >> security center >> Automatic Updates >> Turn Off and then From the security center window >> Change the way Security Center alerts me >> uncheck Automatic Updates Thats it...It shall work Well if it's still giving the same annoying message then you must reinstall your OS and immediately turn off automatic updates....the same procedure as above... Hope that helps>... Ciao
  4. Ford Mustang

    Serious discussion!

    Hey dude i think your questions has already been replied.... Seems like for the first time in your life you are entering in Internet Forums...So better learn the rules to the best.... Of course we are here to help members but that doesnt mean that you enter anywhere you want in a forum and start posting your request.... Do you spit everywhere you want in your home?? Well in the same way learn to post in the correct place... We created a REQUEST section for members ....you can make as many requests you want there but not in the Technical and other sections....so instead of posting everywhere why don't you just post these request in the correct place...That's simple... Well hope you got it....
  5. Ford Mustang

    Your Favourite Car..add picture.

    Hii dude... Well my favourite is the Ford Mustang GT500 KR... mmm...thats the monster of the road....hehe
  6. Ford Mustang

    ur aphorism "proverb" in life

    Mine is a simple one .... Life is simple. You make choices and you don't look back....
  7. Ford Mustang

    Top 5 Movie !

    movies....mmm..... Lord of the Rings(all) Pirate of the Carebbean(all) Fast and Furious(all) Terminator (all) 300 Well there are others too...cool ones... Ciao
  8. Ford Mustang

    Your Favoutier Season? and why?

    @ Raaki... beware whenever you go in a thick green field....lolz haha.... Well me i love Winter season... You sleep well and it's very romantic also..... No sun burn also...lol
  9. Ford Mustang

    Packet Sniffer

    Dude... Linux uses libpcap as its sniffer.... Just check this link..It will help hxxp://networking.champlain.edu/download/tcpip/sniffers.html Ciao
  10. Ford Mustang

    Who is the oldest member

    Nice topic.... Well am 21 now... coming to 22 this year...lol
  11. Ford Mustang

    vlan dhcp problem

    Your answer is already answered here.... http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=134077 And yea to close this post just see at the bottom left hand side of the screen...you will see moderation option...When you start a topic you can close it from there... Close this one or a mod will close it..Ok.. Ciao
  12. Ford Mustang

    vlan dhcp problem

    Hey dude.... Remove one of the post....as you posted this in 2 different sections....and also remove your email address from the post... This is not allowed here... Read the FAQ Thanks Ciao
  13. Ford Mustang

    Time to leave.

    Hii dude.... I wish you all the best in your new life( that of a will-be father ) hehe..... Hope to see you here again one day... Enjoyzzz... Ciao
  14. Ford Mustang

    CCIEs worldwide

    Hii friends. . . I don't know if someone has already posted this here before...In case yes do make me know...lolz Anywayz i recently got this information...about how many CCIEs are there in the world... It's detailed by continent and country....last updated 3/25/2008 North America and Europe leading... I never imagined about some of the countries present in here.... hxxp://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/ccie/certified_ccies/worldwide.html#europe Ciao
  15. Yea this is the configuration for the interface of the router... Now configure the VPC also in the same subnet as that of the interface.... like or any other but it should be in the same subnet and also the same mask