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  1. Hi Guys, i was thinking about the CCIE DC, is it possible to do it without a LAB ? i mean i do nor have an access to LAB devices at work, i can only rent some rack etc. if yes, what would you suggest ? is there any group to join ? and maine question ... is it worth to spend time and a lot of money to do that ? thank you in advance Regards M
  2. Hi, I would like to ask where i can check if my Nexus 1110-S will support new N1000V ? Nexus 1110-S kickstart: version 4.2(1)SP1(6.1) system: version 4.2(1)SP1(6.1) The new version of N1000V is going to be : 4.2(1)SV2(2.2) Thank you in advance Regards, Rad
  3. m4rc0

    CCIE flash memory

    Thanks but memorizers i do have i found what i was looking for and it is great tool - anki cards - you can use shared library
  4. m4rc0

    CCIE flash memory

    Hi Guys, Its time to start my trip to CCIE. I would like to ask you if you use some flash memories cards etc To build your own database (with eg configuration, tips etc). What kind of program do you use ? I am trying to find something to make it fast and comfortable for me but without success. Thank you in advance
  5. m4rc0

    full-duplex in bridge ?

    Hi, It depends what kind of the bridges we are talking about, but yes, full duplex mode is there
  6. Hi, Which application is better ? I am using Putty (becouse of tabs, macro login etc) but i have seen SecureCRT + scripts and it was impressive. For example: after every login to device config has been downloaded (text file), automatic login to configured session etc etc. Do you know some scripts for putty ? How to upgrade it ? (i found extra_putty - but this is not what i have expected). Please share your experiences
  7. I passed BGP & MPLS today and finished my CCIP. Preparation: Knowledgenet BGP Knowledgenet MPLS Cisco Press CCIP MPLS Implementing v2.1 Vol.1 Knowledgenet Border Gateway Protocol (Bgp) 3.0 Student Guide + GNS3 CCIE Command Memorizer (BGP session) MPLS Command Memorizer
  8. m4rc0

    [HELP] I can't access web server

    Do you have some access list ? Could you please paste configuration from Router1 ?
  9. m4rc0

    network traffic generators?

    I am not sure if all are still working, but you can check from below list: This page contains a comprehensive list of traffic generators. Mtools http://www.grid.unina.it/grid/mtools/ MGEN http://mgen.pf.itd.nrl.navy.mil Rude/Crude http://www.atm.tut.fi/rude UDPgen http://www.fokus.fhg.de/u.../private/udpgen Iperf http://dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Iperf/ UDP Generator http://www.citi.umich.edu.../generator.html Network Traffic Generator http://sourceforge.net/projects/traffic MxTraf http://mxtraf.sourceforge.net/ NTGen http://tochna.technion.ac.../html/index.htm Netperf http://www.netperf.org/ Traffic Generator Tool http://www.postel.org/tg/tg.htm TfGen http://www.st.rim.or.jp/~yumo/pub/tfgen.html Packet Shell http://playground.sun.com/psh/ Real-Time Voice Traffic Generator http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~msamidi/projects.htm Self Similar Traffic Generator http://wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis...e/trf_gen1.html PacGen http://sourceforge.net/projects/pacgen/ Packet Forger IPGen http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipgen/ Packet Forger IP-Packet http://sourceforge.net/projects/ip-packet/ Packet Forger GenSyn http://www.item.ntnu.no/~poulh/GenSyn/gensyn.html Netspec http://www.ittc.ku.edu/netspec/ Traffic Emulator Surge http://cs-www.bu.edu/facu...ge_1.00a.tar.gz Traffic Emulator Poisson Traffic Generator http://www.spin.rice.edu/Software/poisson_gen/ FTP traffic generator http://roland.grc.nasa.gov/~jishac/software/ Brawny and Rough Udp Traffic Engine http://netgroup-serv.iet.unipi.it/brute/ Jugi's Traffic Generator (jtg) http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/jmanner/software/jtg/ TrafGen http://www-lor.int-evry.f...n/trafGenEn.htm SPAK, Packet Generator http://ww.xenos.net/software/spak/ TTCP, Test TCP http://www.netcordia.com/.../TTCP/ttcp.html PIM-SM, Protocol Independent Multicast Packet Generator http://www.pim-sm-generator.com/ KUTE-- Kernel-based Traffic Engine http://caia.swin.edu.au/genius/tools/kute/ GEIST - Generator of E-commerce and Internet server Traffic http://kkant.ccwebhost.com/geist/ Commercial Tools LANdecoder32T Traffic Generator http://www.triticom.com/triticom/ld32/trafgen.htm LANTraffic V2 and IP Traffic Test & Measure http://www.zti-telecom.co...est-measure.htm Traffic Generator for Wide Area Networks http://www.solarwinds.net...iller/index.htm SiteSpy http://www.wirelessvalley...Spy/SiteSpy.asp Candela Technologies LANforge-FIRE Network Traffic Generator Testing Specific Protocols http://www.telnetnetworks...n/protocols.cfm ProvaGEN 3.0 http://www.provanet.com/p...or_tts_page.htm Internetworking Test Traffic Generation Programs http://www.manitoumosaics.com/MITS/MITS.htm
  10. m4rc0

    Authentication + ACL = confusion

    Hi, I am a little bit confused and need some clarification/help. There is diagram: Some servers (outside location) ----------------- router (two interfaces / two accesslist : 1- admin, 2 production) servers are in admin - production - and what i need: 1 - connection from servers without authentication - reach production site / the rest traffic/ppl have to be authenticated 2 - communication between production and admin (and in other way as well) without any authentication etc ip auth proxy is assigned to the admin interface if configuration look like below: Admin ACL: permit ip --- server -> production site permit ip ------ admin -> production Production ACL: permit ip ---- production -> admin ip auth proxy ACL: deny ip deny ip ------- without authentication servers admin + production site. permit ip any any The problem is that this solution is working ~80% I have some problems from admin site to reach servers in production on 50000 port .... but on port 80 is working fine Any idea ? Some tips or advice ? I read - > Link
  11. m4rc0

    what is multilink

    Overal and in shortcut - multilink is virtual interface, provides a method for spreading traffic across multiple physical WAN links (load balancing etc). Could be ppp over multilink frame-relay. Configuration guide you can find on cisco website -> Here FRAME
  12. m4rc0

    741 input errors,738 crc

    check settings on the interfaces (duplex mode, and speed - try to set manually 10 or 100 Mbits/s on both interfaces), check cabling, clear counters and monitor it.
  13. m4rc0

    OSPF P2P + subinterfaces

    Hi, I created very easy lab for GNS-3. OSPF Point-to-Point using subinterfaces. I made some small howto configure it. I need your opinion about that. If it is not waste of the time, next will be easy lab for ISCW (tunneling +EIGRP). Both files (howto and gns.net file) you can find here: hxxp://www.[nofileshares].com/file/111735021/81095737/OSPF_P2P_with_subinterfaces.html hxxp://www.[nofileshares].com/file/111735020/f60e67a1/OSPF_subinterfaces.html [nofileshares] = 4 shared . com
  14. m4rc0

    opening ports in cisco routers

    You need to open UDP ports 500 and 4500 (of the VPN gateway). The first packets are exchanged on port 500, then NAT-T negotiation moves the transaction to port 4500.
  15. When you have OSPF (for example and EIGRP (for example on router R3 you have to configure redistribution (please take a look below), configuration on R3, for example: router eigrp 1 network no auto-summary redistribute ospf 100 router ospf 100 network area 0 redistribute eigrp 1 subnets on R1 configure only EIGRP, on R2 OSPF. please read more about redistribution, how to redistribute routing protocols etc. I hope i help u.