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  1. Hi Guys, i was thinking about the CCIE DC, is it possible to do it without a LAB ? i mean i do nor have an access to LAB devices at work, i can only rent some rack etc. if yes, what would you suggest ? is there any group to join ? and maine question ... is it worth to spend time and a lot of money to do that ? thank you in advance Regards M
  2. Hi, I would like to ask where i can check if my Nexus 1110-S will support new N1000V ? Nexus 1110-S kickstart: version 4.2(1)SP1(6.1) system: version 4.2(1)SP1(6.1) The new version of N1000V is going to be : 4.2(1)SV2(2.2) Thank you in advance Regards, Rad
  3. CCIE flash memory

    Thanks but memorizers i do have i found what i was looking for and it is great tool - anki cards - you can use shared library
  4. CCIE flash memory

    Hi Guys, Its time to start my trip to CCIE. I would like to ask you if you use some flash memories cards etc To build your own database (with eg configuration, tips etc). What kind of program do you use ? I am trying to find something to make it fast and comfortable for me but without success. Thank you in advance
  5. full-duplex in bridge ?

    Hi, It depends what kind of the bridges we are talking about, but yes, full duplex mode is there
  6. Hi, Which application is better ? I am using Putty (becouse of tabs, macro login etc) but i have seen SecureCRT + scripts and it was impressive. For example: after every login to device config has been downloaded (text file), automatic login to configured session etc etc. Do you know some scripts for putty ? How to upgrade it ? (i found extra_putty - but this is not what i have expected). Please share your experiences
  7. I passed BGP & MPLS today and finished my CCIP. Preparation: Knowledgenet BGP Knowledgenet MPLS Cisco Press CCIP MPLS Implementing v2.1 Vol.1 Knowledgenet Border Gateway Protocol (Bgp) 3.0 Student Guide + GNS3 CCIE Command Memorizer (BGP session) MPLS Command Memorizer
  8. [HELP] I can't access web server

    Do you have some access list ? Could you please paste configuration from Router1 ?
  9. network traffic generators?

    I am not sure if all are still working, but you can check from below list: This page contains a comprehensive list of traffic generators. Mtools http://www.grid.unina.it/grid/mtools/ MGEN http://mgen.pf.itd.nrl.navy.mil Rude/Crude http://www.atm.tut.fi/rude UDPgen http://www.fokus.fhg.de/u.../private/udpgen Iperf http://dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Iperf/ UDP Generator http://www.citi.umich.edu.../generator.html Network Traffic Generator http://sourceforge.net/projects/traffic MxTraf http://mxtraf.sourceforge.net/ NTGen http://tochna.technion.ac.../html/index.htm Netperf http://www.netperf.org/ Traffic Generator Tool http://www.postel.org/tg/tg.htm TfGen http://www.st.rim.or.jp/~yumo/pub/tfgen.html Packet Shell http://playground.sun.com/psh/ Real-Time Voice Traffic Generator http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~msamidi/projects.htm Self Similar Traffic Generator http://wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis...e/trf_gen1.html PacGen http://sourceforge.net/projects/pacgen/ Packet Forger IPGen http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipgen/ Packet Forger IP-Packet http://sourceforge.net/projects/ip-packet/ Packet Forger GenSyn http://www.item.ntnu.no/~poulh/GenSyn/gensyn.html Netspec http://www.ittc.ku.edu/netspec/ Traffic Emulator Surge http://cs-www.bu.edu/facu...ge_1.00a.tar.gz Traffic Emulator Poisson Traffic Generator http://www.spin.rice.edu/Software/poisson_gen/ FTP traffic generator http://roland.grc.nasa.gov/~jishac/software/ Brawny and Rough Udp Traffic Engine http://netgroup-serv.iet.unipi.it/brute/ Jugi's Traffic Generator (jtg) http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/jmanner/software/jtg/ TrafGen http://www-lor.int-evry.f...n/trafGenEn.htm SPAK, Packet Generator http://ww.xenos.net/software/spak/ TTCP, Test TCP http://www.netcordia.com/.../TTCP/ttcp.html PIM-SM, Protocol Independent Multicast Packet Generator http://www.pim-sm-generator.com/ KUTE-- Kernel-based Traffic Engine http://caia.swin.edu.au/genius/tools/kute/ GEIST - Generator of E-commerce and Internet server Traffic http://kkant.ccwebhost.com/geist/ Commercial Tools LANdecoder32T Traffic Generator http://www.triticom.com/triticom/ld32/trafgen.htm LANTraffic V2 and IP Traffic Test & Measure http://www.zti-telecom.co...est-measure.htm Traffic Generator for Wide Area Networks http://www.solarwinds.net...iller/index.htm SiteSpy http://www.wirelessvalley...Spy/SiteSpy.asp Candela Technologies LANforge-FIRE Network Traffic Generator Testing Specific Protocols http://www.telnetnetworks...n/protocols.cfm ProvaGEN 3.0 http://www.provanet.com/p...or_tts_page.htm Internetworking Test Traffic Generation Programs http://www.manitoumosaics.com/MITS/MITS.htm
  10. Authentication + ACL = confusion

    Hi, I am a little bit confused and need some clarification/help. There is diagram: Some servers (outside location) ----------------- router (two interfaces / two accesslist : 1- admin, 2 production) servers are in admin - production - and what i need: 1 - connection from servers without authentication - reach production site / the rest traffic/ppl have to be authenticated 2 - communication between production and admin (and in other way as well) without any authentication etc ip auth proxy is assigned to the admin interface if configuration look like below: Admin ACL: permit ip --- server -> production site permit ip ------ admin -> production Production ACL: permit ip ---- production -> admin ip auth proxy ACL: deny ip deny ip ------- without authentication servers admin + production site. permit ip any any The problem is that this solution is working ~80% I have some problems from admin site to reach servers in production on 50000 port .... but on port 80 is working fine Any idea ? Some tips or advice ? I read - > Link
  11. what is multilink

    Overal and in shortcut - multilink is virtual interface, provides a method for spreading traffic across multiple physical WAN links (load balancing etc). Could be ppp over multilink frame-relay. Configuration guide you can find on cisco website -> Here FRAME
  12. 741 input errors,738 crc

    check settings on the interfaces (duplex mode, and speed - try to set manually 10 or 100 Mbits/s on both interfaces), check cabling, clear counters and monitor it.
  13. OSPF P2P + subinterfaces

    Hi, I created very easy lab for GNS-3. OSPF Point-to-Point using subinterfaces. I made some small howto configure it. I need your opinion about that. If it is not waste of the time, next will be easy lab for ISCW (tunneling +EIGRP). Both files (howto and gns.net file) you can find here: hxxp://www.[nofileshares].com/file/111735021/81095737/OSPF_P2P_with_subinterfaces.html hxxp://www.[nofileshares].com/file/111735020/f60e67a1/OSPF_subinterfaces.html [nofileshares] = 4 shared . com
  14. opening ports in cisco routers

    You need to open UDP ports 500 and 4500 (of the VPN gateway). The first packets are exchanged on port 500, then NAT-T negotiation moves the transaction to port 4500.
  15. When you have OSPF (for example and EIGRP (for example on router R3 you have to configure redistribution (please take a look below), configuration on R3, for example: router eigrp 1 network no auto-summary redistribute ospf 100 router ospf 100 network area 0 redistribute eigrp 1 subnets on R1 configure only EIGRP, on R2 OSPF. please read more about redistribution, how to redistribute routing protocols etc. I hope i help u.