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  1. Passed test with a 82% on Thursday. Now I am officially a XenApp CCA 6.5 Certified. I work in the field already but this new XenApp 6.5 is new. 68 Questions
  2. Mr. CompTIA

    ~Passed~ 70-652

    Passed test today with 807/1000 47 questions, not hard at all. Thanks Sadikhov members for your posts and comments. Helpful!
  3. Mr. CompTIA

    ~passed~ 70-401

    I just took the test yesterday and it looks like it changed from 50 questions down to 40 questions. Passed with 884/1000 I had an old dump so there were some new questions but nothing hard if you work with SCCM 2007 or taken a class. I took class 6451A and work everyday with it. Good luck!
  4. Mr. CompTIA

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Hello I am interested in these vouchers, what is the catch?