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  1. haha indeed, again, MS is disapointing me more and more...
  2. huh! The last known good configuration worked, at least for now!! lol
  3. f8 where before the system loads?
  4. well i wont loose any data , I have everything in other partitions. If vista wont screw me like once before when it didnt want to recognize my partitions... which was so silly EDIT : someone suggested i try : last known good config. but it doesnt show as an option here..
  5. ok guys Im sick of this , Im just gonna do a reinstall I think, I have already lost half of my day with this crap
  6. Ok i did, .....its the same
  7. how do u mean the RAM? Physically check it?
  8. i cant see it anywhere, so it must have not been installed
  9. Ok i tried, problem persists
  10. well sometimes its staying blank , sometimes not.
  11. I went into the Event Viewer and I looked at the errors, it says error ID 6008. But it doesnt give any more information as what could have caused this or what program or service? I also went to the startup and unchecked some of the services which i thought were not needed there. Its still the same In fact its worse , not it doesnt even go to the Please wait screen, it just stays blank!!!
  12. devil2k3

    A ka shiptar knej?

  13. Hey Everyone, Long time since I have posted here. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate in my quad core , 8 GB of ram workstation. I have had vista on it for 8 months or so now, and it was working fine. I was installing something and I got a message saying that windows will shut down in 1 min because of an error. I clicked ok and it shut down, but didnt ever start again. I tried using repair - It said "No problems detected", try removing any hardware etc. I did remove everything, tried again and its the same. I tried some 5-6 more times, and its always the same as soon as it reaches the Please wait message it keeps restarting.. I also tried system restore, 2 days back. And nothing happens. Does anyone have a clue ? I really want to avoid reinstalling cus I have so many applications and dont want to reinstall! Thanks PS. Safe mode works just fine!
  14. devil2k3


    Tung sedikur, Un jom Shkumbini, 22 vjeq, jom MCSE2k3 Nejse tash sjom ka mirrem me sisteme hiq, keq po qe tash jom oreientu ne krejt tjeter sfere, jom ka boj web design edhe 3d design. I kom do shok ksajd nese ki nevoj per naj material ose diqka, nese mundem te ndihmoj Kalo mire
  15. devil2k3


    jemi jemi normal , veq sdi ku jon hup kta tjert, valla se un kaniher qitu i lexoj postimet po kerkush tjeter po me doket perpos meje e enverit so ka e viziton, ku jeniiii?