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  1. Looking for CCIE mentors

    You need a different number of routers depending on what training vendor you will use. For InternetworkExpert read more on http://www.internetworkexpert.com/resources/ccierack.htm. Two advice: - Consider using Dynamips for some or all of the routers to save money. But Dynamips can never replace live switches. - Be aware that the lab is changing and so will the training material. If you plan to do the new version of the lab you might consider doing some small changes to your setup.
  2. NBAR problem

    It's not working as it should. Perhaps it is not matching the field properly. Try to match any random value and see if you still match all types of FRAMES.
  3. NBAR problem

    This does not have to do with the CCIE lab but NBAR is a part of R/S Lab exam so I still think it's a good question. In the policy-map in checks packets from the top and down. That means that if a packet matches IFRAMES it will never try and macth it to PFRAMES or VOICE. If it does not match IFRAMES it tries to match PFRAMES. If it does not match IFRAMES or PFRAMES it will try to see if VOICE is a match. It seams that the command below match both your IFRAMES and PFRAMES: router(config)#ip nbar custom MPEG 14 variable TYPE 1 udp 1236 router(config)#class-map match-any IFRAMES router(config-cmap)#match protocol MPEG TYPE 0x31 router(config-cmap)#match protocol MPEG TYPE 0x39 There is probably an issue with your matching of the different frames. I think NBAR process every packet and that there is no caching going on but I'm not completely sure about it.
  4. Looking for CCIE mentors

    "2. I want to go for the internetworkexpert Computer based training Bootcamp another 10 days". Great thing to do but it will be wasted money if you do it too early into your preparation. You want to understand all the core technologies properly before you attend a boot camp. To quote Internetwork Expert about their Boot Camp: But you are probably talking about the "Advanced Technologies Class" that IE offers. That is not a boot camp but instead a great way to learn the Core Technologies. Watch it more then once and take notes. 1 week of rack rental is fine if you have a rack at home with a full IE topology where you can do all your labs on. When I prepared for my R/S Lab I did approximately 500-700 hours of lab time. That might have been more then I needed and I didn’t really find the lab very difficult after that to be honest. But I would like to imagine that most people that pass the lab spend at least some 200 lab hours learning the technologies properly and then some 20-40 full 8 hour labs on top of that. 3 months is an optimistic plan in my opinion. It might very well work for you but most people need more time then that to prepare. Getting hands on lab time is what matters. If you solve that with rack rental or otherwise does not really matter but you need to put in the time or else you won’t stand much of a chance I'm afraid. Best of luck!
  5. passed ccie RS -2

    Huge congratulations! It’s very impressive considering you have only been working with Cisco equipment for two years. Well done indeed!
  6. CatOS is less important than Cisco IOS?

    You are not tested on CatOS. It's 3550 and 3560 switches in the current lab and they run IOS. In version 4 of the lab there will only be 3560 switches running IOS 12.2 - Advanced IP Services. See https://cisco.hosted.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-4602 for more details.
  7. As everyone else have already told you: No the proctor will not touch your lab. But be aware of the pre-configuration on your devices. Kron and Embedded Event Manager may in fact shutdown ports and do other things to mess with you during the lab. But I don’t find it very likely. A more likely reason for people saying the proctor was messing with their configuration is that they did not properly understand how the technologies work or just that they did mistakes due to very high stress.
  8. I will take CCIE R&S Exam in two months

    Take Mock Labs and/or Assessor labs to find you weakness. Do you need to improve your speed? Do you need to improve your accuracy? Do you need to improve your "stamina" (yes 8 hour labs are hard)? Do you need to improve your documentation location skills?
  9. Need a good reference for Security part of R&S

    Check out the new Cisco IOS Security Configuration Guides over here: http://cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6350/products_installation_and_configuration_guides_list.html And also check out the security sections for the 3550 and 3560: http://cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps5528/products_installation_and_configuration_guides_list.html http://cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps646/products_installation_and_configuration_guides_list.html Hard to find a better source for reference.
  10. PAgP & LACP, are they important in LAB exam?

    They are part of the blueprint and could very well show up on a lab exam. Etherchannel is one of the core technologies you want to be able to configure in your sleep.
  11. The way the question is asked you instantly think about Lock-and-Key (Dynamic ACLs) or Authentication Proxy. But as you point out those features are not available on the 3550 or the 3560. It is probably a typo in the question. If it's a question from those IE polymorphic labs it's sure to be a typo. I got tons of errors and typos when I participated in besta testing for the polymorphic labs.
  12. Cisco Revising CCIE R&S Certification

    Interesting news.
  13. Documentation CD in CCIE LAB exam

    Have a look at http://ieclass.internetworkexpert.com/p418.../?launcher=true this will help you a lot.
  14. Hey Can you tell me how to install 12-18 network adapters with computer. I Know it is possible as you are telling, But don't know how?? As a know, PC comes with 4-6 PCI Slot. How can you connect so much network adapters? Really wants to know How to do it? I will really appreciate your reply.. I used 3x Quad NIC PCI cards (D-Link DFE-580TX) and a 4x USB adapters for a total of 16 Ethernet interfaces for Dynamips and I then used the Internal NIC for the Internet connection. Beware of the USB adapters as the have problems with frames larger then 1500 bytes. This will cause you issues when using trunks. Because of that I mostly use my USB adapters for BB routers. There was no issue with the D-Link DFE-580TX cards (in Linux at least).
  15. Consider buying 2x 3550, 2x 3560 and to emulate the routers in Dynamips with a computer with 12-18 network adapters. If you are comfortable with using Linux this should be a pretty good option for you.