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  1. Just want do know from you guys whether microsoft has any solution for it?.If yes then I will replace squid with microsoft proxy. Just want to hear from you which proxy server do you use?Does those proxies does have such a loophole?
  2. Hi JrLz, I agree to block these 2 sites.But everyday new anonymous proxies will get available on net.Currently I am aware of only these 2 sites,but I think that there may be many such sites.Where will I get the list of all those sites? I think we should concentrate on the method of working of such web proxies,regarding their ports and their functioning.The guy who has developed such a site may be able to help us.
  3. Hi whoiam55, Searched the site but did not find any topic on anonymous web browsing.
  4. Hi, We are using squid as a proxy server in our company.We have denied access to sites such as http://mail.yahoo.com,rediff.com during peak hours.However today I discovered that few of the users were accessing these sites by using free anonymous internet web surfing eg.http://proxify.com,http://guardster.com How can I block this anonymous web browsing?. I thought to give access through content in url such as if address in url contains mail.yahoo as a string in it I would deny it but again site such as http://guardster.com does not show such string.What should I do?
  5. Hi, I have a machine at my home with one network card in it and installed windows 2000 in it. I just want to know that if I install Red Hat Linux in it through VM Ware and if I give one ip for Linux and one for windows will they act as two separate machines.Can I able to ping Windows from Linux and vice versa.
  6. sunil_335

    Linux Backup

    The following sample script is useful. #!/bin/bash filename=`date '+%m%d%y'` /bin/tar -cvzf /mnt/backup/${filename}.tar.gz . \ > /mnt/backup/${filename}.log \ 2> /mnt/backup/${filename}err.log #Delete old files with the following command find /mnt/backup -type f -name '*.gz' , -name '*.log' , \ -mtime +90 -exec rm {} \;
  7. sunil_335

    Docking On Laptops

    Docking station is a platform into which you can install a portable computer. The docking station typically contains slots for expansion cards, bays for storage devices, and connectors for peripheral devices, such as printers and monitors. Once inserted in a docking station, the portable computer essentially becomes a desktop model computer. When it is taken out, it becomes a portable computer again. Most importantly, the same data is accessible in both modes because it resides on the portable computer's drives. The idea behind docking stations is to let you simultaneously enjoy the expansion possibilities of desktop model computers with the portability of notebook computers. In addition, the docking station enables you to use a full-size keyboard and monitor when you're not traveling.
  8. Hardware profile should work in my experience. HOW TO: Set Up Hardware Profiles for Laptop Computers in Windows XP http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...;308577&sd=tech
  9. DHCP DNS AD Exchange:About Forestprep and domainprep Do you know Linux? Do you have a passport?
  10. sunil_335

    Lotus Vs Exchange

    This is helpful: http://www.lotus.com/products/product4.nsf...53featurematrix
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    Hi Bramhastra, With both applications running simultaneously ie Winamp and word,which application is consuming more CPU?
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    Hi Bramhastra, Have you gone in the task manager and seen which process is consuming more CPU.If you find such application kill the process and then observe. If the same process get regenerated than uninstall the application to which the process is related and than keep the machine under observation.If its working fine again reinstall the application and the observe.
  13. sunil_335

    Restart Mess

    Hi harsh, As you explained the system hangs while scanning.After scanning n number of files it gets hanged while scanning agp440.sys.This means this file may have been corrupted.This may have happened due to bad blocks generated on that particular area where the file is located. So according to me I think that you should take a backup odf the drive and then do a low level formatting by downloading the utility from the harddisk vendor site.This will fix the bad block.You can than restore your system.
  14. sunil_335

    Restart Mess

    Can you please provide the complete details.Does it restarts after logging in the machine or before logging in?Are you able to login in safe mode?Have you recently installed a new programme after which this problem is occuring?