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  1. book list
  2. Welcome to the CCVP forum read this then search the CCVP forum there are a number of posts offering good advice here are some of the books that you will need
  3. Unless you are going to work with Unity exchange will have little direct impact on your cisco certification in ccvp CCVP is aimed at the VoiP Design, Migration and implementation and delivery of such Exchange offers mail application services Do a search on the cisco website about Unity services to find out where exchange would fit in
  4. mmm, a good friend of mine said Certs just comfirm what was already there,
  5. Read search and learn
  6. why dont you try a search Iptt Q it works for me...
  7. i would ask (again) follow the Forum title requirements and search the forum for answers here is your ans under the heading srst failover
  8. I would like to nominate SyGo contribution in Windows Admins Vs Linux Admins
  9. I would suggest that a quick read of the Cipt topics here will give you the answers and yes there is a question about securing an IPT network on the exam..
  10. My advice would be read the pinned notice at the head of the forum then go through the information request posts that cover General advice on the CCVP
  11. Thanks guys for your support in this forum, and good to hear you will be moving to CCIE to continue the voice certification pls keep an eye on this forum so we can all continue to benefit from your exoperience
  12. Knet is always a good choice however i have not seen Version 4 on the net so far
  13. in the search form at the bottom left of your window type QOS Q try the same in the CCIP forum
  14. I suggest that you use the search function at the bottom of the forum page !!!! try typing in Cipt Q search before posting
  15. I would like to nominate this post by Darby Weaver reply post concerning information and resources when starting the CCNA track