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  1. I would like to say Hello to everybody is CCSP sadikhov section. It is my time to start CCSP. Some people know me from CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCVP and CCIE section of the forum. Why am I herе? I do not want to pass only CCSP exams. I want to achieve knowledge and experience. I want to wish successes to everybody in CCSP section. Best Regards Sava
  2. savelin

    ccsp hacking course?

    hi cameronem What you will recommend me for reading to pass this exams Best Regards Sava
  3. savelin

    Passed CCIE voice lab

    Hi all I passed CCIE voice lab. Due too hard work I will provide later more info. Best Regars Sava
  4. Hi d_karu Configur Router with T1 as H323 with dial-peers on it... and will work ... You do not need ISDN T1 swich configuration. Best Regards Sava
  5. Hi MySelfandMe Could you give me a answer? What type IP phone you have (SCCP, H,323 or SIP)? Best Regards Sava
  6. savelin

    Terminal In Lab?

  7. savelin

    Finaly Ccvp

    Hi gaivota Congratulations for CCVP And WELCOME into CCIE voice I'm also prepareing for CCIE voice second lab attempt If you want send me email Best Regards Sava
  8. savelin


    Hi sabuz You have to go in cisco,com. use software advisor and search for CCME feature... download the IOS install on router and you will have router + CCME Best Regards Sava
  9. savelin

    Direct Gatekeeper

    Hi ccvp cisco Could you clear your question? Direct gatekeeper = Proxy Gatekeeper or Direct gatekeeper = IP-to-IP Gateway + Gatekeeper on one router Best Regards sAva
  10. savelin

    Iptx Question

    Hi dnib you output is wrong.... ephone-dn 11 [ephone-dn-type] number 1001 ephone 1 button 1:11 - this line could not exist in ephone DN Best Regards Sava
  11. savelin

    Failed On Ccie Voice Lab

    hi samsung nice to see you The answer is EVERYTHING ... if you miss some parts you will fail as me Best Regards Sava
  12. savelin

    Failed On Ccie Voice Lab

    Hi all The most of the questions are forbidden from cisco for discussions (NDA). The software ver could be seen in cisco.com ### CCIE VOICE TRACK - Lab Equipment and IOS Version **tp://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/ccie/voice/lab_equipment.html ### The main problem is time. I have a lot of thing to do and my time is gone.... I would like to rent a rack from proctor labs … If somebody wants to ask me please send me email… Best Regards Sava
  13. savelin

    Failed On Ccie Voice Lab

    Hi gordonccie Nice to see you again I would like to take my second lab near end of June. So I'm open for study partner I do not have a time to come in sadikhov due to hard work. I will start studying from tomorrow. So send me email if you want to work together for CCIE voice I know that you want do be CCIE routing and switching, and security... Did you pass the labs ? Best Regards Sava
  14. savelin

    Failed On Ccie Voice Lab

    Hi All I failed on CCIE voice lab in 17.April.2008. The lab is hard and I do not have time to finish all the lab. At the moment I'm preparing for the next time Best Regards Sava
  15. savelin

    Extension Mobility

    Hi this is the Extension Mobility configuration steps.... Probablly you forget to change hostname to IP address.... Task 1: Verify Extension Mobility Service is Running Step 1 From the Navigation menu select Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability Step 2 Select Tools>Control Center – Feature Services Step 3 Make sure that the Cisco Extension Mobility service shows status Activated Task 2:Configure Extension Mobility Service Step 1 From the Navigation menu select Cisco Unified CallManager Administration Step 2 Select Device>Device Settings>Phone Services Step 3 Click Add New Step 4 In the Service Name field, type Extension Mobility Step 5 In the Service Description field, type Login and logout service Step 6 In the Service URL field, Enter the following URL (where X is your pod number): http://10.X.1.2:8080/emapp/EMAppServlet?device=#DEVICENAME# Step 7 Click Save Task 3: Modify Enterprise Parameters to Reflect IP Address of CallManager Step 1 Select System>Enterprise Parameters Step 2 Under Phone URL parameters, change all fields from <CityName>CM1:8080 to 10.X.1.2:8080. Change ONLY the host name, not the reset of the field. Step 3 Click Save Step 4 Click Ok from the pop-up warning. Step 5 Click Reset Step 6 In the pop-up window select Reset Step 7 Click Close Task 4: Create Device Profile Default for Each Phone Model that shall Support Cisco Extension Mobility Step 1 Select Device>Device Settings>Default Device Profile Step 2 From the drop down list, select the phone model to be configured, for example, Cisco 7960. Step 3 Under Description, enter a description of this profile. Step 4 Under Phone Button Template, select Standard 7960 SCCP. Step 5 Click Save Step 6 Repeat for each model phone to be configured Task 5: Create Device User Profile for a User Step 1 Choose Device>Device Settings>Device Profile and click Add New. Step 2 From the drop down list, select the phone model to be configured, for example, Cisco 7960 Step 3 Click Next Step 4 Enter a Device Profile Name, for example “Your Name” . Step 5 From the Phone Button Template field, select Standard 7960 SCCP. Step 6 Click Save. Step 7 On the left hand side of the screen, click the link Line [1] – Add a new DN. Step 8 Choose a valid DN from your NIP, enter that DN in the Directory Number field. Step 9 Under Route Partition, select your city’s Headquarters Partition. Step 10 Under Directory Number Settings choose a CSS of appropriate access. Step 11 Enter any Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings as necessary. Step 12 In the Display (Internal Caller ID), enter the User’s name that was created in a previous Lab. Step 13 Click Save. Step 14 From the Related Links: menu, select Subscribe/Unsubscribe Services. Step 15 In the Select a Service, select Extension Mobility, then click Next. Step 16 Click Subscribe. Step 17 Click Save. Step 18 Repeat steps 7-13 for any additional lines. Task 6: Associate User Device Profile to a User Step 1 From the menu, select User Management>End User. Step 2 Click Find Step 3 Select the user from the list that matches the profile that was created. Step 4 Under Extension Mobility>Available Profiles, select the profile that was created in the previous exercise and move it to the Controlled Profiles selection. Step 5 Under Default Profile, select the profile. Step 6 Click Save. Task 7: Configure and Subscribe Cisco Unified Ip Phones to Service and Enable it. Step 1 Select Device>Phone from the menu. Step 2 Select the phone from the list of devices. Step 3 In the Related Links: field, select Subscribe/Unsubscribe Services and click Go Step 4 In the pop-up window, under Service Information, in the Select a Service pull down menu, select Extension Mobility. Step 5 Click Next Step 6 Click Subscribe Step 7 Click Save Step 8 Close the pop-up window. Step 9 Under Extension Information , check the Enable Extension Mobility box. Step 10 Under the Logout Profile field, select – Use Current Device Settings – Step 11 Click Save. Step 12 Click Ok from the pop-up warning. Step 13 Click Reset Step 14 In the pop-up window select Reset. Step 15 Click Close.