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  1. Jeff Doe

    Taking "novell Clp"(suse-10) Exam Next Week

    I'm looking for it too!!
  2. I agree... looks very much like it :-)
  3. Jeff Doe

    comuter account

    You mean to disable non-secure updates? yeah...it's a choice then you install it... don't know how to change it live when it's installed allready...
  4. Jeff Doe

    CCA and CCAA

    Hello, I've heard from a colleague that getting the CCA certification is like getting MCDST... easy as hell. But getting CCAA is like getting MCSE, a huge diffirence in knowledge level. Is that correct? If so, what can I use for studie matterial? P.S. I hate TeskKings, so please don't mention those
  5. Yupsz, there is an SBS2008 and EBS2008 simulator.... don't know the url, sorry. But... i get a lot of PM's and messages lately from people that are taking the exam and want to know what I've used to study.... so here I go: To my knowledge the is no VCE, P4S or PDF available with the questions, so everyone will have to learn it the old way I've used: * Video's about SBS2008 on edge.microsoft.com * The technical product information paper from microsoft.com * The SBS2008 Demo/Simulator ***VERY HANDY!!!*** ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=6DE064EF-708A-49EC-9CB1-571AC6708DFF&displaylang=en) Put extra effort and time in: * The new remote webplace interface and the techniques behind it (ports and so on, since everything is pushed over ports 80 and 443 by a new technique that works like DirectAccess on w2k8 R2) * Migration process (like the migration option is not standard, only when user an anwser-file!!) * Which wizzard can be used for a task. Learning what options you can use from the SBS2008 console should be suficcient to pass the exam. It can't be done in the SBS2008 console? Then the option is in the console from the product itself (like the Exchange 2007 console) * Learn the freaking difference between user data and personal data! I see a lot of people that simply don't know it... perhaps lost in translation or something... And last but not least: * Download the OS and install it to get some real-life experience! *very important* And allways remember with any migration... the shit you've got before is the shit you've got after! My best advice would be to put extra attention to the new features... they're very proud of the product and put all of the new gadgets and goodies in the exam... very nasty Good luck and have fun
  6. Jeff Doe

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Can I get 10 MCP vouchers for The Netherlands? Thanks in advance...
  7. Jeff Doe

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Can I get 10 MCP vouchers for The Netherlands? Thanks in advance...
  8. Jeff Doe

    How to become MCITP admin or ENTERPRISE

    Look at my post in here: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161294&hl= It outlines a few paths, one is the one you want.
  9. Jeff Doe

    do MCSE 2003 EXPEIRE

    I must agree with MIP104
  10. Jeff Doe


    Yup... much reading, but giving quick anwser...time consuming all that reading
  11. Jeff Doe

    Elective quistion..

    I've done some research a few days ago: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161294&hl= There you can find your anwser (and more) in my post.
  12. Jeff Doe

    which exams i need to be mcsa ?

    Take a look at the post I've made here: http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161294&hl= That just about explains it?
  13. Jeff Doe

    how it's best to preper to your exam

    aha... didn't knew that one... thanks
  14. Jeff Doe

    70-297 Case Studies

    well....this exam is probably going to be very different then the ones you've passed allready since you don't know what case studies are... one case studie is a few pages of text that discribe a situation within a company. About that case you'll get between 5 and 12 questions. All anwsers are to be found within the text, but not as clearly that you can pick it word by word out of it. So you'll have to know an understand the matterials you'll learn for this exam. And...there are about 5 of those case studies in 1 exam. Perhaps downloading the TK or P4S of the exam would be handy? That would give you a very good idea what to expect Hope this helps you...
  15. Jeff Doe

    Passed 70-270. Still not an MCP?!

    Any exam from the Professionals series should give you the MCP credential. Jus tfor checking...can you order the MCP Welcome Kit? If so, you are MCP and if the credential hasn't shown up in 5 working days then you should contact your local Microsoft Support Center, because something is wrong.