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  1. Hi dear forum people How could the employer check my certificate online? Thank you in advanced
  2. cbh

    ITIL Voucher

    what is the itil voucher?for discount?
  3. Hi does anybody knows what is the code name of the new ITIL's V3 exams?for example ITIL V3 foundation code is EX0-101
  4. видно компаниям вендорам надоело то что ценностть их сертификаций падает с каждым месяцем...индусы просто убивают их))
  5. а в честь чего?их видно крепко прижали или же пожелания руководства портала?
  6. а что здесь за новые правила?я так и не врубился,зачем убрали секции предложения и поиск материалов
  7. hi again guys what does this mean http://www.exin.nl/examens/it-standaarden/prince2.aspx ? as i understand now we can pass the Prince2 exam trough the Exin but on the main site http://exin-exams.com/ there is no Prince2
  8. Hello all we are looking for Indian or Pakistanian Web developer he or she)) must: -2+ years of similar experience -Solid background with MySQL development -Proficient with HTML, CSS, DHTML -Practical experience with Java Script, AJAX -Practical experience with Joomla! is a plus -Practical experience with SEO and website optimization Good salary 8-hour working day and 5-day working week Bonuses 21-day paid vacation all CV send please to hr@bakerandpartners.co.uk but I must tell that the job place is a little bit far,in Azerbaijan)) all questions write please here or to sabir.mardanov@gmail.com
  9. cbh

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    hi qaichin when i am entering the vouchers codes it's giving me the follow error Discount is not offered for this Exam Alias.I am going to pass the 70-301 exam through the prometric
  10. oh [censored] in my country it's inaccessible,only through this one http://www.prince2.org.uk/TrainingOrganisations/ATOs/AvionWBT.asp (as i understand it's internet passing) ( CAPM also))) only Comptia project but as i understood it's like a MCP certificate in Microsoft career
  11. ok))) where can i pass the exam? prometric vue? or another testing center?
  12. Hi i am gonna to pass the Prince2 foundation,is there anybody who has already passed it?does anybody has any dumps,books,manuals,videos?can i pass it through prometric? or another testing center?
  13. thank you very much my friend for your help
  14. is it possible to find test questions to train myself?may be test from the old exams