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    Free Domain Names In A Week.guranteed!

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    Free Domain Names In A Week.guranteed!

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    Free Domain Names In A Week.guranteed!

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  4. accelstudent

    Free Domain Names In A Week.guranteed!

    well if one day I do get to 25,000 searches then I'll find myself in a lot better financially!!
  5. accelstudent

    Free Domain Names In A Week.guranteed!

    This is something practical guys...And a great way of earning cash or domains!!
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    Check the iptables....i guess that might have blocked.....it.
  8. accelstudent


    You have not mentioned what problem you are facing.....also please post what all things you have done....
  9. accelstudent


    You will get all the info here .....Cyberterrorism....
  10. accelstudent

    Computer Producing A Lot Of Traffic

    Anil, Could you please change up the network interface card with a new one and see... I once encountered the same problem...and when i changed my NIC card there was no problem....
  11. accelstudent

    The most stable OS

    Here are Bill's figures for time between reboots: 1.Windows 98 - 2.1 days 2.Windows NT - 5.2 days 3.Windows 2000 - still going after 90 days! Of course, Bill has also told us Windows is more stable than Linux, which is well known to have to be rebooted whenever you upgrade to a new version, move it to a new computer, or whenever there has been a power failure.
  12. accelstudent

    What Is The Best Software Of Wireless Sniffing.

    Have you heard of AirSnort -- recover encryption keys from sniffed WLAN packets -- AirSnort AirSnort operates by passively monitoring transmissions, computing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered. AirSnort requires approximately 5-10 million encrypted packets to be gathered. Once enough packets have been gathered, AirSnort can guess the encryption password in under a second.
  13. accelstudent

    Best Network Printer

    Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet 4550n is the best....it is network ready printer delivers exceptional color print quality right out of the box, with no performance (speed) trade-offs.This printer is ideal for all your workgroup color printing needs.
  14. accelstudent

    Computer Producing A Lot Of Traffic

    Your network interface card has gone bad....i am damn sure about it...Please change it....
  15. accelstudent

    What Is The Best Db?

    If i go for any web based projects, i prefer to use MySQL.....the main thing is its completely free!!!