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  1. I need your help in this i have 1 printer network multifancution not on server mode,direct on network when i connect the network cable, it is freez lcd freez and not printing by the way printer model is HP M476dw,look forward your help.
  2. amoun_ra3

    multiplay displayes

    Dear All, As \i Assigned to 1 exhibition,to make 1 desktop split multiply displays or only 2 diplayes on 1 lcd monitor, which will represent 2 different application 1 of them is Tweeter of our company & other is FB to company also, so I need your help in this matter which kind of app. Can help me in this & is it possible to make the explorer automatically refresh the 2 app. Tweeter & face book to let the new tweet pop up on screen, same to face book 2. p.s: we are using windows 7
  3. amoun_ra3

    need to know best torrent site

    Hi All, i need to know which is best site for tourrent to download movies,learnning for IT App every thing please advice.
  4. amoun_ra3

    starting assets plane

    Hi everyone, kindly i already working as IT technical support,last days a new task assigned to me to put plane to start asset in my company so i need help if some one can advice me with free software or cheap one i can use it to pull all desktop informathion such as S/N model,other wise if any one has new idea or solution please provide me Because I do not have enough experience in this field,i am inneed to your advice to achive my task.
  5. amoun_ra3

    I need an advice

    dear all, I am thinking surely to immigrate to other country such as canada,Australia or Newziland,but I face some problem in brief I am graduated from puchler of law but I developed myself in IT and took many courses like MCSE 2000,2003 & ccna and have more than 6 years experience in IT also, but I always refused in skill selection immigration cuse I am not patchler in IT according to my expirince,regarding of this story I am thinking of taking something like MBA but is there is part of MBA in IT or advice me which strong studding I can do to cross this problem
  6. amoun_ra3

    Evaluate IT Report

    How to make IT report about some one work an IT support, which kind of tichnecal sides I have to mention and I have to give him an task to work and evalute him can u plz advise.(we working in Xp enviroment and we all desktop support).
  7. amoun_ra3

    Need to reduce printer toner laser jet & paper also

    okay thats good i have to make report but i just need help from where to start or there is form i can move on it;s steps
  8. amoun_ra3

    Need to reduce printer toner laser jet & paper also

    thanks for those advise & help but i Still need more Idea
  9. Dear All, kindly i need some tips or ticnical solution every thing can help me to reduce print toner & paper also,becuse this is project and i assigned for this project ASAP thanks. Note: i am working in goverment so we have thousands of employees
  10. I need help urgent, I am a technical support in just is court in Gov. will going to migrate to new building & cisco already give us like document to review their new technology at everything in infra-structure IP phones, data center but I am desktop support my manger give me task to put the new technology for desktop devises, printing, such as new concept that they can provide us can anyone suggest me what I can suggest we have many department like registration how meet clients and payment places I already suggest thin cline pc any one can give other suggestion about printing we have also LCD monitor that connect to network to view reports if any one has any suggestion please don’t hesitate to say, warm thanks wait ur suggestions.
  11. amoun_ra3

    exam MCITP 70-647

    Dear all, kindly i am going to exam 70-647 next saterday i want to know how many question in this exam and if any one have any info about the exam plz let me know.
  12. amoun_ra3

    FTP server

    hay till now i did not get the proper advice to my qustiones?
  13. amoun_ra3

    FTP server

    hay i really wanna thanks you 4 help but i didnot get the complete answer i still want to know which is the proper soultion to install this server without effectg my network bandwidth is there is any way can let me indtall this server without effect my bandwidth thanks again.
  14. amoun_ra3

    FTP server

    Hi all, Kindly I am working under domain 2003 and all desktops are win xp my manger request 1 pc acting as FTP server to let our clients can upload data and download data but they do not need something expansive in this scenario I have many question? p.s: they donot need high specification cuse client not that match and data will exchange not that mach also. p.s: I am afraid to put this server under our network can get viruses or data is transferred can affect my bandwidth. 1-can I use normal windows xp or I should put 2003? 2-and if it is better to put it under our network without effect my band width like add hardisk and link this URL on our web? 3-can anyone give me the proper solution to use this option without any effects at my network at all?
  15. amoun_ra3

    usb & cd closed by anti virus

    i face problem in my work i am IT support working under 2003 windows domain usb & cd closed accourding to our work policy on all of pc's and we have tranning center and most of our Tranner out sorce and come by there flash and want to use it lessons and there is many labs all pc in center flash closed cd also so how come i can find soultion to help them. i already request to open flah & cd on one pc it is work shop, so how they can use it to transfer data to room lab he will use and we have many rooms if i did map folder i have to open it on all accoubt profile to user. i need help please