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  1. https://www.securityinet.com/
  2. 2 hyper v machines in workgroup = 2 hours of suffer ..

  3. kamtec1

    Has anyone got a RaspberryPI yet?

    Hi , I got 3 devices in my company , for the monitoring solutions . I may say that they are good but not to see hd videos on it . For nagios or other monitor systems are perfect !
  4. kamtec1

    How do you Backup your server Data?

    Hi , It very depends on how much information you whant to backup. There are many ways to backup thinks like RAID option , or backup server with storage configuration .
  5. kamtec1

    how to make our website maxium secure

    Hi Real , The site is build on the free CMS platform or the private one ? You may use the SSL secure connections into your site and sensetive areas . Is the DB local host or its connected to external ip adress ? The most atacks are sql injection ...
  6. kamtec1

    Beta Exams : Microsoft,COMPTIA,etc

    Beta Exams Are Open to All To keep pace with the all the exciting Microsoft technologies being released, Microsoft is now making our beta exams available to everyone. For those individuals registered as a subject matter expert (SME), we will continue to maintain our ‘invitation only’ free beta program offer (quantity of free beta exam offers are limited). We welcome you to be among the first to take these exams, which count the same as live exams toward certifications such as the new MCSE or MCSD. Individual scores will be available upon the release of the final exam (approximately 8-12 weeks after the initial release of the beta exam). These beta exams are priced the same as regular exams, can only be taken once and are available through Prometric. This new opportunity begins with these three exams: Exam 410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Exam 687: Configuring Windows 8 Exam 480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 hfdp://www.prometric.com/microsoft/TEEurope2012 Discount Promotion Codes (Available for Tech Ed Europe 2012 only)For Exams at 30% off, use Promo Code TEEUR30For Private Cloud Exams for free, use Promo Code TEEUR100For Masters Exams at 50% off, use Promo Code TEEURMCMFor Exams at 30% off, use Promo Code TEEUR30For Beta Exams for free, use the following codes: 71-687 – WEI1 71-480 – FYT480 71-410 – MSA1
  7. kamtec1

    Domain Advice

    63 characters would deficiently take years to crack to local basement .. and because of that i always say that it depends on every thing on specific data and organizations WPA2 is the best now in the wifi area but i hear some rumors for changes come up next couple of years ... We have some other things not wifi . sorry cant write it but it is not wifi and use them not soldiers but only a command line or operators and tech staff With the certs and smart card its the best thing but no wifi signals ;D only some other frequency
  8. kamtec1

    Domain Advice

    1/2/3 ) ;D WPA can be hacked with good tools and not dict. words too . like i wrote depends what org . !!!!!!! depend what data !!! Depends everything Never wifi in my Army . No wifi bands only other thing 4) not get it . Like sirkozz say you can use : The N model more speedy . But i with my word ;DDD depends what a org and data =)
  9. kamtec1

    NAT with dual ISPs

    Hi . If it still needed . Do you need a plan to create a network config ? Or just a way to use the 2 IPs on net . Good luck ,.
  10. kamtec1

    Exchange 07 & IronPort

    Hi . Test basic Telnet connectivity on port 25 and test from Exch directly>Iron and other way around? Try and rule out ISA 1st or establish there is SMTP connectivity. Check for any local AV/Firewall on the server itself blocking that port. Up the logging on the connectors on Exch, ISA and Iron port to check for connectivity. I'd check the admin/deployment guide from Cisco on the iron port config. As for Exch, you can configure it to send/receive email iron using a send connector and specifying a smart host and configuring the receive connector. P.S. I think the problem is ironport config and the connector just needed the authentication set to none. The ironport also has a HAT ( Host Access Table ) where I had to specify specific IP Addresses it's authorized to listen for mail from. Once the IP address of the new excahnge server was added to that HAT list, and the exchange send connector authentication was set to none, mail need to start work . Good luck .
  11. kamtec1

    Good IT job site

    And i have more sites that kind ,, freelancer.com odesk.com/ free-lance.ru/ Good luck ,.
  12. kamtec1

    Security Field

    And CEH