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  1. at command prompt, try to type NET USE * /DELETE
  2. azmi_p

    how to start Squid using PHP?

    Maybe you can start with how php and perl interact to each other: try to read this : h**p://devzone.zend.com/article/1712
  3. Before you going to share, in your client windows command prompt type the following NET USE * /delete
  4. First try to use phpmyadmin. Phpmyadmin will produce sql command on every process you do in it. Using it, try to upload the csv file. Copy the generated sql command and make a windows batch files. Include the batch file in the windows schedules.... good luck
  5. Hi, Another way you can do this is that you just store the location of the image in your database. If you use the method above it is ok however, it will consume much of your database space and hence your disk..
  6. try installing vista latest service packs....do not format your laptop yet/...
  7. azmi_p

    Web User Authentication In Apache

    try to us .htacess files. for more detail read the following: h**p://www.besthostratings.com/articles/htaccess.html or h**p://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/howto/htaccess.html or h**p://www.elated.com/articles/password-protecting-your-pages-with-htaccess/
  8. azmi_p

    Need Help

    php indeed. it is easy to study and a lot of sample code made available in the internet. it is fun to study and use it. to make a starter, download latest wamp where it combines PHP, Mysql, Apache on Windows box.
  9. azmi_p


    I think you should read this: h**p://www.smartwebby.com/PHP/emailsending.asp
  10. azmi_p

    Xampp For Windows

    are you using the administrator account for accomplish this? use account that have administrative rights.
  11. azmi_p


    attendance system. The system record the attendance of student or staff of school or company.Make some rules, for example it student absent from classes for 3 times, the system will send email to the teacher or the family acknowledge them.
  12. azmi_p

    I Need Your Help Hardly

    if windows xp, enable your windows firewall. It may at least filter the internet tracfic by these files.Scan your computer with antivirus..
  13. azmi_p

    Pc Restriction

    If in your network has Layer 3 Switch, you can start restrict them thru it or at least set them in another VLAN.
  14. azmi_p


    There some others services running at the background. That is why you cannot delete the entry at the registry. You need to scan your pc with other free Avs tools for example trend micro fee sysclean.com. before you doing any virus scanning exercise, your better disable system restore (if you are using Xp)...then you can carry on the scanning process. I suspect your pc is infected by Happy Birthday Virus. There some other removal instruction available for example h**p://www.ainmat.com/index.php?/archives/1179-REMOVAL-INSTRUCTION-OF-HAPPY-BIRTHDAY-VIRUS.html regards
  15. Try to disable SELINUX in Fedora. Just give it a shot.