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  1. what wrong with it ?
  2. try booting with backtrack live cd and use chntpw tool to change your password to blank.
  3. debug ip packet <acl no>
  4. every version of ccie is hard and / or fascinating depends on perception ... version 1 tough cabling and stuff still hard because of lack of exposure and training.. v 4 has so many technologies to learn ... there is no diff if you are ccie #1 or ccie #25k+ ... at the end of the day the only thing which should matter it are you a kind of expert in what version you mastered and now are you a better human being with some knowledge Regards Rakesh ccna ccnp (in prog and not willing to complete ) jncia jncis - er ex sec junos mcse mcitp ent admin J-Partner sales certified ---- x y z Any Fool Can Know The Point Is To Understand - Einstein
  5. router eigrp 1 redistribute ospf 1 network network network network i was pointing out the same .check your seed metric ... you havent given any so eigrp will assume the route to be with infinite metric
  6. my bad about plane names ! ok , how do you justify load balancing for let us a juniper router ... i mean logically if you go with D then they should support some feature which is identical to cef ?
  7. good to see your interest and as i see you are pretty much interested in hardware the next logical part would be networking .. i would recommend you to download some a+ and n+ text books or video tutorials (i would prefer these) and get to know new things and ways of building them ... dont be in a mind set of preparing for a certification exam that should come as byproduct from your prep good luck Rakesh
  8. it got canceled
  9. thank you for the write up but we doesnt have his bootcamps here
  10. great feedbacks provided by every one ... now as i recollect something we generally have two planes one is data plane and one is forwarding plane .. i dont know how cisco operates , taking this analogy the switching and cef operates at forwarding plane and thats agreed .. now when we get into other vendors they may or may not support this plane division concept , now taking on them how can you say that router should support ip cef as far as my knowledge goes is cisco prop ? so , does this eliminate the option that other vendors dosent support load balancing ?
  11. i would go with B faisal bhai ... as load balancing would be supported by many of the vendors it may not be entirely dependent on cisco cef . wild thought and load balancing can be done without switches hehe sort of elimination mechanism iam adapting
  12. i get some big picture now ! may be there might be reluctance from people rather me seeing a Vod and attending a live bootcamp .. in a live bootcamp may be we might care about more money , other friends stuff ... sort of chill pill all of my life till now with regards to ccie prep was definitely dead slow ... seeing your response and feed back should hit on some speed now ! but when i speed up thing i tend to complete it in a more swift way and i always feel 8 hours would always be much more enough seeing people doing lab in 5.5 hours with their verification done .... i think these wild thoughts and doubts could only be clarified once i hit the actual lab and see for my self where am i lacking things thank you for the info provided good luck
  13. well thanks for the update on bootcamp ! well i am not that experienced to start with ... can you clarify me one question please .. you must have done some good workbooks may not be full length but some typical scenarios right .. when i did them let us take some ospf distribute lists , pbr sort of things i used to figure out what should be used and where .. now seeing your bootcamp exp can we weigh ourselves based on the way we solve workbook questions ? is there anything extra or new covered in bootcamps ? Regards Rakesh
  14. thank you for the long response ! and thank you very much for your answers goodluck Rakesh
  15. i meant the same thing but sounded less detail Regards Rakesh