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  1. upen singh

    junos Binary image for GNS3

    this link is absolutely active, i can download.
  2. Hi All, please help me on this issue. I have Nokia IP350 and console is not working, i want to reset it as factory default so that i can use its dhcp to obtain an IP and configure it from starting. Thanks Upendra.
  3. upen singh

    Configure AAA on Cisco 4506 IOS enabled and VRF Enabled

    Hi Mate, i have already configured these commands in the config. i read in cisco document that we can not use TACACS+ in 12.2 IOS when VRF is enabled (we can use TACACS+ when IOS is 12.3 with VRF) so that we can try with RADIUS and trying to test the communication between them but received below mentioned message "Attempting authentication test to server-group radius using radius No authoritative response from any server." and i am able to ping ACS with the source VLAN which i have configured as per your suggestion. please help on this issue... thanks upendra
  4. Hi All, i want to configure AAA on Cisco 4506 which is IOS Version 12.2(20)EWA and VRF is also running that. i am not able to establish communication between my Switch and ACS server. ACS server has already configured for that switch and aaa new-model has already been enabled on the switch. when i am trying to run test aaa group TACACS/Radius command it fails. please help on this issue Thanks Upendra
  5. Hi its not necessary that you need to configure NAT on both the sites. you can configure NAT on single site only. Thanks Upendra
  6. Hi All How can i enable icmp on outside interface when my pc is connected to inside interface of the firewall. actually i am not able to ping the ip which is configured on outside interface. my pc is behind the inside interface. also want to know the permitting icmp on cisco asa: there are two ways to permit icmp traffic. one is directly configure like.. icmp permit any inside. and second is using interface ACL like.. access-list inside_access-in extended permit icmp any any. and apply this ACL to an inside interface at "in" direction. access-group inside_access-in in interface inside thanks Upendra
  7. upen singh

    CCIE security V4 preparation

    I think you are on wrong post. the topic is different. please think about it.
  8. upen singh

    CCIE security V4 preparation

    Contact me on upendra.ccie@gmail.com
  9. Hi i think you should match the table contents between these two books, as per me, there is no diff. you already have 617 and if you found any diff. of a specific topic you just read this from cisco's website. dont buy 618 again. thanks upendra
  10. upen singh

    REAL LAB CCSP based on CCIE Security v3 POD

    Hi mate, i think these are Cisco Training institute pics. thanks upendra
  11. upen singh

    CCNP Security

    Hi Mate, noting hard if you know the technology very well. thanks upendra
  12. upen singh

    IPsec Tunnel Config

    i think its not possible to create a IPSec Tunnel from no routable ip address. hi all please correct me if i am wrong
  13. upen singh

    Best Study Guide for CCNA Security

    yes ofcourse, this is the best material for IINS (CCNA Security)
  14. Hi davidy, i am also looking for the same. i am studying CCIE Security LAB. we can share knowledge for better understandings. thanks upendra
  15. upen singh

    EEM Easy to understand Tutorial !

    Hi Pappyaar, i am running many scripts in my router, its works fine in case my router have not configured with AAA commands, but now its neccessery to me to configure AAA commands in the router, after using these commands in router my scripts send me the command authorization failed in many cases like router send me the "CPU History" results in every 8 Hours but received in mail "Command Authorization failed". please help. thanks upendra